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Since their debut release Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death! 10 years ago, Gothenburg’s post-rock veterans EF have toured extensively throughout Europe and Asia and have built themselves a loyal global fanbase, including over 23.000 Facebook followers. Their music oftentimes dwells in spheres of darkness, but a deep love for melody and harmony always shines through their epic compositions. Dynamic build-ups are carried by heavy rhythms and orchestral arrangements including strings, horns, piano and synthesizers, which eventually disperse into a sonic aurora borealis…

EF’s Niklas Åström comments:
”We didn’t want to make a typical ”mysterious* post-rock video where someone tumbles around in the forest in ultra slow motion without any certain purpose. We wanted something more concrete. Something more ”unorthodox” – as ”unorthodox” as a love story can get. The lyrics are about a person with a heavy troubled mind, heartbroken and alone. A person who believes the world is a better place without this person in it. That’s a hell of a heartache – isn’t it?! We wanted to have two men, with different ethnical backgrounds to highlight that love (and passion) have no boundaries – whatsoever. And the video broadcasts the ups and downs – the darkness and light in a relationship. The romantic passion and the broken heart – something we all might experience through our life time”

The video was directed by Eric Ivar Persson. Niklas Åström comments:
“Eric is a pretty new kid on the block. We never heard about him until he directed and shot a pretty cool low budget video for our friends in an electro band called DNKL. We was kind of hooked on this typical 90’s Swedish short film esthetics – but in a cool and playful way. And we liked the way he filmed this ”short film” using nice environments from our hometown Malmö and filters, to create a cozy and beautiful yet intriguing atmosphere.”

While EF is considered an instrumental band by many, as a matter of fact the band has featured seldom vocals on all of their albums. Lately they have become more prominent however, which has opened up the door to new territories for them. The three new songs on this split EP will take the listener on a journey through a wide range of musical genres. EF is not playing safe here – growth and life have given them the courage to look deeper into themselves and to create what needs to be created at this moment in time.

The split V?yu with Tiny Fingers is out on soon on Pelagic Records and available for pre-order here: vinyl, CD, bundle.

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