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Casual Sect is a four piece non-prophet organisation formed in London in 2015. Influenced by the Discordian philosophy of Chaos and adherents to The Church of the SubGenius’ principle of Slack, they write short blasts of fuzzy punk exploring topics as diverse as David Icke, the Hadron Collider and narcotic induced abdominal distension.

Fresh from their Supernormal performance, Casual Sect release their 1st video ‘World War 2 (Part 2)’, from the Box Records release The Hidden Persuaders, which was released earlier in 2016. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their next full length release and a secret split 7” set to come out early 2017.

Helen Armfield reviewed The Hidden Persuaders for Echoes and Dust and said: “The self-described ‘Discordian’ group have clearly read around the topic, and are a worthy part of the whole constructed chaos cult. The Hidden Persuaders is a fantastic, mesmeric 17 1/2 minutes, and leaves you needing to reflect on the constructivism of the modern age. Even the release method is in tune. So hey, as followers of the futurist, they’ve succeeded.”

Watch the video for ‘World War 2 (Part 2)’ here:

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