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Released on September 5, 2016 via Fuzz Club

Listening to the glistening shoegaze and psych thrown down by this Southampton band, one wonders how much better they would be with a truly great singer. Tom Hayes wails and warbles his way through this record, and it’s not an entirely enjoyable excursion for this listener. But enough about that.

The band formed in 2011 and this is their third release, and elements of Spacemen 3 and MBV loop through their compositions. A deep haze of guitar and synths waft through, redolent with feedback and thundering percussion, crashing around you with a shimmering bang. The title track has a memorable and rather beautiful melody, and it perfectly encompasses what this band is about.

‘Honestly’ has a familiar feel to it (I’ve heard this riff before from a dozen other bands), but it’s a riff I am quite drawn to. I also like the way they slow things down at the two minute mark. ‘Get Me Over There’ has a cool guitar line propelling things along, shoving things into high gear on the chorus. The wall of sound is mesmerizing and hammers at the listener right to the 5 minute mark. ‘Someday’ reminds me of Interpol, mostly because of the pulsating guitar.

‘All Your Little Lies’ crashes out of the gate with some heavy swamp guitar cascading down from a wall of reverb, while ‘I Don’t Want to Die Today’ is a strong front runner for my favorite song on the record. It neatly bridges the gap between noise pop and shoegaze, and has a cheerful melody that contrasts with the dark lyrics. It deftly builds sonic layers, and is prime headphone music. I especially like the bass anchoring this tune from flying off into orbit.

‘That Was Then But This Is Now’ won’t win points for original song titles, but it’s a solid tune with interesting textures. ‘You Already Know’ is swathed in squealing feedback and has an uber cool bass rumbling underneath. The addition of synths really elevates this song, adding enough light to offset the dark undercurrents that one senses.

In short, this is a good noise pop record laced with psych, shoegaze, and post punk.

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