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Released on August 5, 2016 via Amour Foo

Opening track ‘Poisonous’ totally sets the scene for what is a fun sounding collection of Velvets-inflected songs from the former drummer of Veronica Falls, multi-instrumentalist Patrick Doyle. Doyle switched from guitar to drums with his former band, but I suspect he’s a one stop shop on this record, playing all instruments, singing, and writing on his own. Like his VF bandmate James Hoare, Patrick also mines the Velvet Underground musical vein and throws in some Flying Nun sounds for good measure.

One listen to ‘Don’t Remember Your Name’ will drag you in hook, line, and sinker. It has a groovy, Chills-inspired organ along with an infectious main melody. Patrick’s fine vocals insinuate themselves warmly and form a delightful counterpoint to the almost folk rock feel of this piece. ‘Cold Is the Colour’ is not an obvious choice for a first single, but it’s a grower that creeps up on you. Soon you will find its melody will stick with you, like any good single is supposed to do.

As you get past the melodies and notice the song titles and subject matter, it’s obviously about poor emotional health , for treat bacterial infections buy cipro online . Take ‘Falling Apart’, with its downcast lyrics and almost sprightly melody. Clearly it’s not all sunshine and roses, but the contrast between light and dark is almost startling. The same can be said for ‘Voice In My Head’, one of the record’s best tracks. Of course, it’s all relative, because the songs blend together and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one VU inspired jam from another. ‘Things’ starts off slow and then shifts to this beautiful melody on the chorus. Patrick has a penchant for throwing down these little bursts of exquisite melody in between the sometimes dour subject matter. ‘Brian’ could be a Veronica Falls song, and makes me miss that band all the more! I met Patrick and Roxanne in 2013 when they played Boston, and I wonder what happened that made them go off and do solo projects. It is really songs like this that make me realize what a huge influence Patrick had on Veronica Falls! They are missed, but even if they don’t regroup, we have projects like this one to compensate a bit.

‘I’ll Remember You’ is standard jangle pop fare that doesn’t stand out much. Thankfully, Patrick ramps up the energy on the album’s final track, the short but sweet ‘Underground’, a fitting coda to a somewhat slight but engaging and pleasant release from this talented musician.

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