By: Mark Martins

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Released on July 1, 2016 via Independent

I first discovered this 4 piece band from Provo, Utah back in 2014 when they released Youth. From that moment, I realized how much passion they have and how much effort they put into their music, into the concept and into the artwork. Youth is an extremely underrated record which definitely deserved way more attention than it got.

Last year they released the more spacey and psychedelic but no less brilliant EP called Cosmodrome. Somehow it didn’t get the attention of the media either.

This year they’re back with lad?s (which is pronounced Lattice). After doing a quick Google search, I learnt that lad?s is Azerbaijani for wishbone. Interesting.

What we have this time is about 40 minutes of beautifully crafted, original and inspired post/math rock. After a few minutes it’s also quite easy to say Cloudkicker is the band that has most influenced Temples.

The way they blend their beautiful melodic moments with mathy, jazzy and technical licks is beyond genius. Every single detail is expertly crafted and placed in all the right spots. The more you listen to lad?s (and believe me, this is probably now the album I’ve most listened to this year) and as you dive deeper into the album, the more you will appreciate it for its little details, imperfections and mostly for the soothing effect it passes on to the listener.

The title track is a very good example of a soft and soothing melody which feels so laid back and spaced. They seem to make it easy and make you think they put this together effortlessly.

Another curious note is that almost every track (except ‘Moonmilk’) has some kind of a noisey/droney outro which will then lead into the following ones. If I can find a single flaw on this album, it’s maybe some of these can drag on for a bit too long.

Speaking of ‘Moonmilk’, we can also mention the album’s highlights and that track is definitely one of them. I also love the intro on ‘Frostwork’ – It seems that it will build up into this explosive track but the build does not blow up in your face in the end. It’s just so steady and expertly crafted. ‘Mourning’ is also such a beautiful, peaceful and trippy track.

However, ‘Sundog’ is probably my favorite of them all with its explosive intro, fast paced mathy riffs, incredible transitions and intricate guitars and drums. This track alone is a beast. I must say though that it’s even better in the course of the album. It’s also a great lead into the closer ‘Empyrean’, a 13 minute droney and noisey beauty.

This is one satisfying release. Production is crystal clean and basically perfect throughout. The musicians are highly proficient and know how to write and put together a beautiful and extremely inspired collection of instrumental songs. This type of music really puts a smile on my face. It’s the perfect soundtrack to the summer.

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