By: Martyn Coppack

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Released on August 5, 2016 via Independent

Another day, along comes yet another stoner band and dependent on your point of view this is either a great thing or just another bunch of landfill. Such is the at times one-sided nature of the genre, bands can come and go without ever threatening to attack your stereo more than once. Thankfully King Buffalo are not one of those bands and coming, as it were, with a recommendation from All Them Witches, you would be a fool not to listen.

Perhaps having swallowed up the idea of being a slowburner, King Buffalo certainly take their time to hit you. At first their music is nothing to write home about, but as the songs settle you start to discover layers that weren’t there at the beginning (at least not to virgin ears). Once you have listened to the album a few times you start to experience songs like ‘Monolith’ in a different light.

For all their lack of hurry, they replace this with a wonderful psychedelic edge, which just teeters under the surface. Never too heady, the desert riff always comes first along with the half melodic clean vocals. It’s an impressive mix and when they turn up the notch you can feel the full power of the band.

The aforementioned ‘Monolith’ is a highlight, but also look towards the epic following track ‘Sleep On A Vine’, which embraces a much slower aesthetic allowing the band to stretch a bit out of the confines of their genre and then ‘Kerosene’, which ramps things up to another level.

There are moments of levity too as the acoustic led ‘Down From Sky’ provides a break from the riffs. This doesn’t last long though as King Buffalo head off on a sea of riffs once again. Always heavy, but never particularly brutal, they ride a sort of calm drift leading to the colossal end track ‘Drinking From The River Rising’.

For a debut album this is highly impressive stuff, which leaves us wanting more. It’s a fulfilling listen with zero filler (highly remarkable for stoner rock) and works as a whole too. King Buffalo have a sound in their heads and they are prepared to stick to their guns in delivering it. That they have succeeded is a welcome sing and we can only hope they continue in this vein. Say hello to the new kids in town, they’ve got a real treat in store for you here.

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