By: Elizabeth Klisiewicz

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Released on May 25, 2016 via Häxrummet Records

Stockholm’s Follow The Sea released this psych gaze gem back in late May, and I am a bit late to the party, so to speak. Upon first listen, I was immediately struck by the vocals, which sound like Greg Sage of The Wipers. And perhaps that is a good starting point for the stunning sonics contained herein, for FTS dwells in the hallowed caverns of great noise pop, albeit with a soaring ceiling of blistering shoegaze to burn your ears to a cinder!

Go ahead and play name the influence, but I would rather describe the sounds in this 5 track album. The opening track “Dive” is set on stun, and will knock you flat with its wall of wailing feedback and vocals buried deep in layers of reverb. It’s a great way to initiate contact with the listener before leading into the first single, “Virhe”. This song moves at a slower, more deliberate pace, almost lulling you into a trance state. Listen carefully to all that is happening here, for there’s tension bubbling beneath the seemingly calm surface. Headphones are highly recommended!

“In Time” is my favorite song here, three minutes of psychedelic garage rock that will hold you fast with waves of feedback and sonorous splendor. “Fall” is an interesting track, starting off with blistering energy before settling into a quieter groove. But it escalates again and again, accompanied by menacing synths and subdued percussive movements.

The final track “Breeze” is more than 19 minutes long, and starts off as a background ambient drone. In the far distance, at just around the three minute mark, I can hear musical elements joining the drone. Slowly, the drone increases in volume, emerging from the gloom into the foreground. It’s like peering down a dark hallway and spotting shadows shifting at the far end. Guitar chords emerge as shapes and a slithering synth line begins insinuating itself into your brain. An occasional drum beat escapes from the oncoming maelstrom, like a lightning bolt darting through a tornadic cloud. Finally, at 14:27, the band suddenly launches into high gear! May I suggest an editor to winnow the song down to its necessary and cool elements? Truly, the last five minutes of the song are the most compelling!

In summary, this is a neat little release that sneaks up on you and grabs your attention! I hope to hear a lot more from these talented Swedes.

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