By: Daniel Chavez

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Released on June 24, 2016 via Moribund Records

From the darkest pits, from the grimmest depths of the pit, from the coldest frost bitten plains of Wyoming…wait, what?! Yeah, Wyoming isn’t known for its trv kvlt black metal, in fact the only thing I think of when it comes to Wyoming…is really nothing. The have some mountains, the have some buffalo, they have that Yellowstone with its geysers waiting to spit hot water on you. Maybe a bear or two who will steal your picnic baskets. But not the place of trv kvlt black metal, or is it?

From the infernal depths which heat Ol’ Faithful with hellfire and brimstone comes Waxen. The only black metal band who is keeping it grim in the state where the deer and the antelope play. Toby Knapp, guitar shredder extraordinaire, is leading from the frostbitten grasslands to bring you harsh trashy black metal.

Waxen’s third album, Weihung auf Satan, translating to “Dedication to Satan”, is one ripping album! Toby Knapp rips and shreds through this album with lighting fast riffs and surgical precision solos! Who knew that you can be shredtastic on a black metal album? Toby really makes it work and still stay true to being grim and dark. In fact, the shredding only adds to the onslaught on your senses. Like a dark horde streaming across the snow covered mountains, coming to pillage and destroy everything in their path.

Weihung auf Satan is a ripping album. It is hard, harsh, and full of stunning guitar work. Toby even brings it on the vocals, his reverbed and distorted screams remind me of old Burzum. But really, the guitar on this is really killer. I really hate the guitar masturbation that some “virtuosos” do, but Toby really shows his licks without being to obnoxious. This album is solid and is not only a great black metal album, but a great all around metal album!

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