By: Mark Martins

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Released on May 6, 2016 via Long Branch Records / Mystic Production

Tides From Nebula have been around for a while and have now just released their fourth album called Safehaven and throughout the past few years have found their space in the instrumental post-rock realm. Their three previous efforts are all very solid and enjoyable records (Aura is a personal favorite), but I’m guessing fans of the band and the genre are in for a special treat here.

After listening to this regularly for the past weeks, I’ve had mixed feelings. At first, I thought the album was too short, then with a few more listens, some tracks started standing out and only a few days ago I realized how great Safehaven is as a whole.

Their flavor of post-rock is not about the sudden quite and loud and extremely heavy moments. It’s all about slowly building up. A great example of this is the track ‘Knees to the Earth’, which has all the elements that, in my opinion, are trademarks of anyTides From Nebula album: it’s fluent, ambient and spacey. There’s also always the sensation of a very positive message in their music even though there are no lyrics. Take the track ‘The Lifter’ for instance. The vibes are extremely relaxing making you just want to close your eyes and float away into infinity.

Digging further into the record, another aspect I really admire and appreciate is that they don’t spend much time fucking around (songs range from 3:30 to 6:30 minutes long) with unnecessary intros or fills. Their focus is melody and both the guitar and keyboards play a very important role. Also, their flavor of post-rock is not about the sudden quite and loud and extremely heavy moments. It’s all about slowly and steadily building great songs. ‘Traversing’ is a great example of how easy they can make it look.

‘Color of Glow’ is a brilliant little intermission which leads perfectly into the album’s finishing line: ‘We Are the Mirror’ (one of the standout tracks) and ‘Home’, which closes the album with its glorious melody.

This is perhaps Tides From Nebula‘s most accomplished record to date. The production is brilliant, their sound has taken another step forward and is superbly well balanced and straight to the point. There are no vocals and no samples, but every song has a story to tell and together they form something special. What else can I say? It’s melodic and soothing, perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Very easy and enjoyable album to listen to.

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