By: Kara Chavez

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Released on April 8, 2016 via Eisenwald

UADA’s Devoid of Light definitely caught my eye – and my ears. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this band captures black metal and an old school metal melody throughout their sound. It is unique and way overdue for USBM fans all over. But before I get into the music, I cannot say enough about the professional recording sound of this album. It was recorded and mastered beautifully, and in my humble opinion, a solid quality tone throughout. I thought the levels were really spot on, and it was the very first thing I noticed. I wanted to show my appreciation for that!

Next up, the trashy/old school metal guitars mixed with the speed of the drumming and strumming of the rhythm guitar mixed really well. It was almost cross over, creating a new and unique type of sound. I appreciated it a lot – I can tell they are listening to all kinds of metal, not just specifically black. There are melodic tempos, guitar solos, and of course, your speedy/constant riffs that take you straight into a new-school sound mixed with an 80’s guitar riff. Think – Cascadian USBM meets Absu…that makes no sense so you will just have to listen for yourself!

The first song off the album ‘Natus Eclipsism’ is pretty ripping and fast. Old school guitar riffs open the album up, making you think that this might be a Judas Priest tribute band or something – until the vocals and the black metal turn on. Completely leaving you confused for a hot second. But it works, and it does not feel disjointed and slapped together like a confusing Watain song. There is consistency and a good flow.

The final song ‘Black Autumn, White Spring’ is a powerful way to end the album. More on the new black metal side of things, it really stands out and completes Devoid of Light leaving you waiting for their next release.

New schoolers, old schoolers, trashers, black metallers, will all enjoy this album alike. It is different in a good way and could start its very own genre.

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