By: Dave Allan Guzda

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Released on March 18, 2016 via 10 Waves of You

Some days you want the soundtrack of your day to be an unassuming comforting companion that makes your morning mood. You want to listen to music that carries you along giving you some gentle motivation and sonic encouragement. That is the vibe that courses through 10 Waves of You‘s new EP appropriately titled Sail. One man musical maestro Luca Crivellaro has crafted four more tracks to follow up his stellar post-rock album Fields of Venus. This EP takes a different direction in tone with predominantly softer material. While the material may be less overtly striking, it is certainly no less melodic and it’s equally as engaging.

10 Waves of You consistently conceives lush and alluring atmospheric music. This is on full display with lovely title track that opens the EP. It is easy to envision floating along the surface of the water… bright sun shining… a soft breeze tossing your hair… the fresh clean air… a splash of mist in your face. It seems like a voyage that ends too quickly as the track’s charming piano melody fades into a wash of tender synth. It is wholly evocative and the perfect musical encapsulation of sailing and ethereal movement. Keeping with the theme the ‘South West Wind’ blows in on its own magical zephyr. The slow moving, ponderous track is eventually joined by crawling percussion and luminous jabs of guitar. The track rises into a bouncy cheerful space before fading into the ether.

Next, ‘Sunburst’ flows along its tranquil path like a beam of light from our distant Sun. It wraps plucky whimsical guitar over swirls of celestial synth that develop into a dramatic flurry of post-rock guitar for a spirited ending. On the whole however, this EP is certainly more Sunday morning than Saturday night. The EP ends with the upbeat ‘Round Window’ which breaks somewhat from the more serene Sail vibe of the other three tracks. ‘Round Window’ is a reminder that 10 Waves can still rock and was a track that would have been cozy anywhere on Fields of Venus.

Sail demonstrates another facet of Luca Crivellaro’s multi-talented musical ability. Whether soft or loud, or both, 10 Waves of You creates songs that sink deep into your soul. Maybe it’s the incredible melodies, maybe it’s the deep lavish atmospherics or the magical layers of sound that blend to hit the senses just right. I can’t be certain. I do know however, that a voyage on 10 Wave’s Sail takes me to a place that is graceful, and captivating leaving me feeling better for having made the trip.

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