By: Aidan Clucas

Hyuen |    bandcamp | 

Released on February 29, 2016 via Bandcamp

Hyeun are a post-rock band hailing from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, the Himalayan region of India. With Alexy Kljatov providing the cover art, Hyeun has released their self-titled EP. Consisting largely of atmospheric sonic textures, created mostly with guitars and field recordings, this release can transcend conventional barriers and offer something indirect yet accomplishing for the listener.

‘Snowing Outside My Window’ (Hyeun means snow in the artist’s language), as the EP’s single, opens the album. Its soothing tone is evident that this EP isn’t really music just for enjoyment but an exploration, as with a lot of post-rock. ‘Strhalen’ adds in more strength to the delicacy before ‘Our Chaos’ slowly brings in more recognisable melody.

‘Absence’ is much more haunting, and is a near constant drone with slowly, naturally altering subtleties prevailing through. The EP ends with ‘The Field’ which, like ‘Our Chaos’, is slightly more focused on recognisable guitar melody, as well as a incorporating a wider palette of natural, ambient noise.

Hyeun is a charming release where not a lot happens. The songs have differences but could benefit from a greater separation between them. It’s fascination with snow is evident in how it makes you feel like you are outside on a winters day. With more instruments, or subtle differences, Hyeun could release a highly emotive album, which is also challenging. Their self-titled is but a teaser of their capability.

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