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By: Charlie & Gaz

Ahead of this year’s HRH Prog festival, which starts on Thursday, we sent two of our resident progheads, Charlie Gardner & Gaz Cloud, out to talk to some of the bands on the bill. In this episode, they talk to bass demon and Honey Monster look-a-like, Kevin Feazey, of The Fierce And The Dead.

(((o))): What can we expect from TFATD at HRH Prog IV?

We’re bringing a brand new track with us, and a lot of new sounds. In the last few months we’ve pulled our live set up apart and put it back together so hopefully some of the old favourites will have a new flavour.

(((o))): Which of the other bands on the bill will you try to catch, and why?

Heard good things about Schnauser, and the opportunity to see “Hocus Pocus” by Focus can’t be passed by. Intrigued by Soft Machine, a band that have had a lot of different sounds over the years; so looking forward to their set too.

(((o))): Do you think it’s important prog has its own bespoke festival?

I think for the fans it’s a good idea. They get to see the bands that other festivals don’t book and the organisers widen the horizons by adding bands like us. We’ve been called everything from post rock to psych to punk, so it’s fun to play at events like this.

(((o))): What are your plans in the months following the festival?

We’re working on album number three. So apart from a few shows this year we’ll be locked in a room working on new material.

(((o))): What should any self-respecting prog fan make sure they pack before heading off to a chalet festival on the Ll?n Peninsula?

A bag of hallucinogens big enough to double as a seat.

(((o))): What does the term “prog” mean to you?

I guess it’s mostly associated with that era in the 70s when you had Yes, Genesis etc so that’s the first thing that comes to mind. It’s not something we’ve ever thought about as those bands never influenced us (except maybe King Crimson and Mahavishnu). We started a band that mirrored the things we’d been listening to since we were kids like Tortoise, Melvins, Shellac, Sonic Youth, Bobby Conn and, I guess, as most of that stuff doesn’t fit standard pop or blues arrangements you could say it was “progressive”. Don’t know is the short answer. We play music that should make you want to jump up and down.

(((o))): What would be your weapon of choice in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Machete – doesn’t jam and it’s quiet.

(((o))): The organisers ask you to play an ad hoc unplugged at the top of Snowdon. Are you mad enough to do it?

Yes. As long as Brian Blessed comes with us.

(((o))): Additionally, what Bowie track would you choose to play as an encore?

“Magic Dance” from Labyrinth. Because you remind me of the babe!

The Fierce and The Dead play HRH Prog IV on Friday 18 March, 2016.

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