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By: Charlie & Gaz

Ahead of this year’s HRH Prog festival, which starts on Thursday, we sent two of our resident progheads, Charlie Gardner & Gaz Cloud, out to talk to some of the bands on the bill. In this episode, they talk to Pye Hastings from Caravan.

(((o))): What can we expect from Caravan at HRH Prog IV?

We will be doing a balanced selection of new material from our current CD, Paradise Filter and a few golden oldies like “Golf Girl”, “Nine Feet Underground”, “The Love in Your Eye” and various others from the past.

(((o))): Which of the other bands on the bill will you try to catch, and why?

I will try and catch as many other bands as I can depending on time constraints, because playing at a festival is about the only occasion you get to hear other bands and hopefully to catch up with old friends who are usually touring on the same circuit as we are. It is about the only time our paths cross so it is always something to look forward to

(((o))): Do you think it’s important prog has its own bespoke festival?

Why not?

Prog is a genuine genre and hidden in amongst the myriad of bands are some of the best musicians around. More importantly though, it is the voice of the fans that will dictate whether or not there should be a designated prog festival.

It is a “bums on seats” situation

If they don’t turn out, then you have your answer; but believe me a prog fan is a very determined animal, and they genuinely love their music, so it is up to us bands to deliver the performances and not let them down

(((o))): What are your plans in the months following the festival?

We have got a number of other festivals lined up throughout the summer months including Italy, South of France, North of Scotland  and of course a festival in Canterbury, our home ground, and possibly a return to Japan.

(((o))): What should any self-respecting prog fan make sure they pack before heading off to a chalet festival on the Ll?n Peninsula?

Thermal underwear!!! And if you like your drinks “on the rocks” just bring the drinks because you will not be needing the ice.

(((o))): What does the term “prog” mean to you?

Progression! In that the music should progress and evolve with every line-up change and every performance.

(((o))): What would be your weapon of choice in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

I would get them all to sign up for a Hard Rock Hell cruise and sail them endlessly round the Carribbean. I don’t think zombies can swim!!!

Think Mad Max meets Waterworld…

(((o))): The organisers ask you to play an ad hoc unplugged at the top of Snowdon. Are you mad enough to do it?


But if the price was right!!!

(((o))): Additionally, what Bowie track would you choose to play as an encore?

“Ashes to Ashes”.

Caravan play HRH Prog IV on Friday 18 March, 2016.

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