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SUZISUZI is a Japanese punk band, which was formed when the bands Yellow Machinegun and Abnormals met 15 years ago and became good friends.

SUZISUZI are Kaori (Yellow Machinegun, vocals/bass), IxSxO (Abnormals, guitar), Murochin (Abnormals, drums) and K? (pure evil). IxSxO was keen to use a girl’s name for their band, and Kaori liked the sound of “SUSIE”. It was Murochin who suggested the word “SUZI” (which means “vein” in Japanese) that appears on neck when members scream. And that was how the name SUZISUZI came about.

Their musical style is best described as hardcore/punk with crazy screaming vocals. They’re absolutely bonkers and simultaneously brilliant. After 7 years of playing together, SUZISUZI finally releases their first debut album Scream Addict. With 2 girls screaming like no tomorrow, Scream Addict will be released on March 9th and is a MUST listen.

Have an exclusive listen to the track ‘Scream Addict’ here:

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