By: Kara Chavez

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Released on March 7, 2016 via Dry Cough RecordsBlack Reaper Records

Denver based Primitive Man has had over 9 releases since 2013. They are killing it. You would think they would of run out of creative ideas for a doomy, blackened sound, but no – they continue to please and continue to come out with heavier, more district music each time.

The Primitive Man / Sea Bastard split starts out with a pretty dark, harsh, slow song by Primitive man, ‘Cold Resolve’. At the very start of the song, it has an in-your-face guitar sounds that is unbeatable. Ethereal, slow, doomy, and a bit emotional. The vocals are relentless and heavy. It continues on to have a crunchy and low gloom with intermittent drum beats. But the scowling vocals and the gritty bass really complete it. The build up to the blackened distortion near the end really rips. This seems to be one of the slower songs the band has done – giving it that almost uncomfortable appeal (in a good, doomy kinda way).

‘Servant’ by Primitive Man is the second song to be released on their side of the Split. It is a bit less ethereal and more calculated. It continues to draw the bleak doom sound with more consecutive beats. I cannot help but love the bass sound. It has distortion, but it also has a underlying grimy sound to it. It fills the song with a spine and paves the way for the guitars to beat down along with the drums.

I can’t tell if I like this song better or ‘Cold Resolve’. For example, towards the end, they get into blast beats for a completely different feel – making the songs both very distinct from each other. But it is fast and powerful – continuing that big bass sound, complete with fast cymbals strikes and deep growls.

Next up we have the side of the split from Sea Bastard.  After Primitive Man and Sea Bastard toured UK together earlier in 2015, they decided to do a split release. I have not heard of Sea Bastard before, so I was excited to listen and learn.

‘The Hermit’ starts by bringing you down with their slow and low guitar intro. The buildup is intense and evil. Gritty howling vocals begin and really gives this sound that ‘blackness’ that makes it raw and full of emotion. At one point in ‘The Hermit’, a psychedelic like guitar solo goes crazy, haywire, creating the sludgey/stoner sound to break up the monotonous doom beat. It creates the build up to the second part of the song – faster, with a bit of a death metal influence. The guitar and bass sound continue to get as low as humanly possible. The beat picks up and all you want to do is hang out head low and rock back-n-forth. It is definitely a banger for sure.

This is one of my favorite splits with Primitive Man, and now I am a Sea Bastard fan. I highly recommend this split if you have enjoyed these bands recorded or live, and of course, if you like blackened doom with a hint of sludge. Penciled in for release Spring 2016 so be on the look out!

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