By: Aidan Clucas

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Released on January 22, 2016 via Name Music

There is an intrigue about music that comes from Scandinavia. Plenty of bands that come from this area of the world seem to be able to understand the Western European tropes in popular music, but then offer something wondrously original, complex, or intuitive. Pil & Bue form part of this intrigue, delivering energetic, captivating, and interesting music on their new release Forget the Past, Let’s Worry About The Future. The band cite Placebo, Anathema and the Mars Volta as their influences, and fans in England should think of the Pineapple Thief to understand their sound prior to listening.

The album opens to ‘No Is The Answer’ which is immediately engaging for the listener. The chorus melodies are simple the song itself features are general construction similar to most singles. The beginnings of the bands sonic experimentation aren’t entirely evident here, but their enjoyment in riff writing and huge choruses are.

‘Nevermind’ tends to strip back most of the intricacy, and further develops Pil & Bue’s ability to write short and concise pop songs. Their heavy guitar influence comes to the forefront on ‘Shakkakakka’, as well as on ‘Fear Flee Freeze Flight’, before ‘Fire’ divulges the progressive nature of the release. Incorporating long drawn out constructions of songs instead of the instant impact of its predecessors, ‘Fire’ is comparable the even longer song ‘Afterlife’, which in turn has a much more exploratory introduction.

This release is clever with it’s incorporation of popular rock and progressive elements. The songs are both catchy and enjoyable, whilst being interesting with a short dash of self-indulgency, a confidence needed for progressive rock. Fans of their aforementioned influences will likely enjoy this release as it tailors to each of their characteristics. As an improvement they could probably go even bigger, in terms of soundscapes and use of instruments; there are only two members in the band (Aleksander Kostopoulos on drums and percussion and Petter Carlsen on vocals and baritone guitar), however, so that considered they have made something ginormous. Forget the Past, Let’s Worry About The Future is a great introduction to progressive music, and promises a lot from the future of Pil & Bue.

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