By: Berns von Bernington

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Released on February 15, 2016 via SuperFi RecordsFHED / Hackebeil Records / Mind Ripper Collective / Rad Nauseam Records / Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records / Vetala Productions / Wooaaargh Records

Everyone claims to always be a noise band or to know about noise and then when the conversation starts they immediately either mention Full of Hell or Mezbow. This is usually where the conversation ends and I either walk away or say something and get punched in the face. There is so much more than just the above mentioned and being able to integrate it at a level where it complements something like grindcore or powerviolence is fucking art my friends.

When I reflect and I think of bands that have managed to do this, obviously, Man is the Bastard immediately comes to mind and then going on further there’s always Endless Blockade and their iconic work with Pig Heart Transplant to name but a few. But this isn’t about those bands, this is about the new wave of powerviolence and grindcore meets harsh noise.

I’ve known about Godhole for some time dealing with Mind Ripper Collective and they’ve decided to take the plunge to the noise incorporating savagery of Crozier. Crozier is one of the most recognizable cultivators of noise in Scotland and in doing so also started Vile Noise Records. But enough about that, let’s get to the release.

Think you can handle devastating noise incorporated with one of the most recent and exciting grindcore acts out of Scotland? Well, here is your chance as the collaboration of Godhole Vs Crozier is short, sweet and ear-shattering and fits onto a 7-inch titled Anthrophobia for your consumption. The integration goes almost unnoticeable until you turn the volume up and you can almost taste the distortion being thrown at you along with some incredible synth work from the mighty Crozier. This is driven by the lads from Godhole doing what they do best and using that crust influenced grindcore to piledrive you six-feet deep. I also pick up a slightly muffled doomy undertone, which just adds to the final product.

This is fucking fantastic and will rip into you like a hacksaw powered by white-noise and static. The intensity is simply out of this world. I would highly recommend Anthrophobia to anyone who’s into grindcore and noise, because this blew me away.  

You can get your copy from one of the following labels and distros: FHED / Hackebeil / Mind Ripper Collective / Rad Nauseam / Rip Roaring Shit Storm / SuperFi / Vetala / Wooaaargh.

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