By: Berns von Bernington

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Released on September 18, 2015 via Season of Mist

It often dawns on me that not a lot of people are into the music I enjoy, and that not even people who classify themselves under the umbrella of “hard rock” or “alternative” have a clue what’s going on out there. This brings me to black metal and the words “popular”, “trendy” and the like don’t often mix, but sometimes, in my own world and in my mind they do, which brings me to ask the question… who are the stalwarts of the mighty true Norwegian black metal sound these days? It’s been a fucking dog show with the likes of Gorgoroth  having a fallout a few years back, which was settled in court, to the modern day travesty that was/is Immortal, so where do you turn for some old school Norwegian black metals?

It’s those who have persevered throughout some fallouts, differences and just kept it simple, sticking to the ways of old. Tsjuder might not be considered first wave or maybe not even second wave of black metal by some people’s very high standards. I’m not one of those assholes, and I consider them to be part of second wave nonetheless. They have been going since ’93 with a brief period of dormancy, where various members spawned up some acts that produced some excruciating, bone chilling black metal of their own. Since the tyrants’ return in 2010, I was fortunate enough to see them live at Wacken in 2011 after standing through a shower of shit for 4 hours, but let me not digress.

Tsjuder didn’t really ease back into things and released Legion Helvete, which to my mind wasn’t their best work and after the hype and excitement of their return I was left in limbo, but it was still good to have Tsjuder back in full swing and producing music. It was not until late of 2015 we would be graced with their song writing genius again in the form of a new full-length titled Antiliv.

It rip-roars into you, showing no mercy whatsoever from the get go and it’s rather nostalgic, if you’re familiar with their Desert Northern Hell release, but with a more of a refined edge to the over all sound, not that it takes anything away from their soundscape as it stands. It’s a vast improvement on their previous incantation. Everything about it is just so Tsjuder. The rhythms are grim and the leads are incredible and then there’s the matter of the hellhammers that could only be described as a perpetual bombardment of precision and impeccable timing. Throw that all together and you’ve got yourself one of the tightest 3-piece black metal outfits around today.

They’ve put the speed and simplicity back into their pragmatic, yet effective formula, to produce an album that has had me ranting and raving for several months. To the true stalwarts of Norwegian black metal, I salute you on an incredible comeback album in Antiliv, which is something any black metal evangelist and enthusiast alike should own.

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