By: Berns von Bernington

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Released on November 27, 2015 via Peaceville Records

The Masters of Gore are back and they’re still grinding skulls… see I can be clever with words!!! Nonetheless, death metal fiends Autopsy are back with their *counts on fingers* 4th EP titled Skull Grinder and they’re still ripping it up with tasty rhythms and leads that could make a corpse dance in a glaring white eyed trance.

What, you mean Autopsy are back? Yes, very much so and they’ve unleashed a death metal masterpiece. One would say this is timeless, but how does a band that has been going for so long stay relevant? Well, the answer is simple, stick to your guns and progress naturally or not at all, in some cases. They’ve stayed well and truly away from that horse shit tech death rubbish kids are into these days. I simply do not understand why everyone wants to sound like Dying Fetus? Firstly, you can’t pull it off and secondly, one of those bands is as much as the world can stand. Death metal is all in the slow crushing rhythms, you hear that, you meddling kids with too much time on their hands.

Skull Grinder is an adequate description of this record as it blends the classic slow traditional death metal, with a bit of an upbeat tempo and a lot of awesome leads and solos throughout, which gives it that wholesome sound that is music to every death metal fan’s ears. This is straight up Autopsy, which to my mind has always been no nonsense, no bullshit death metal that you can seriously bang your head to for hours on end, or just a few minutes, depending on how old you deem yourself to be. Yes, I am looking at the “rock dads” out there.  

This might just be an EP, but it puts most full lengths out there to shame. Who would have thought “cult death metal band puts together bite sized release to put the new kids on the block to shame?”, put that on your blog, mate! Not sure what’s in the water, but it sure has been a good year for awesome death metal releases from not just the U.S., but all over the world. If you’re an Autopsy fan, which of course you are, then there is no excuse to not get Skull Grinder and add it to your collection. So I am definitely putting this on my Christmas wish list so I can piss off my neighbours through the holidays!

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