By: Gavin Brown

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Released on September 25, 2015 via Holy Roar Records / Halo of Flies Records (US)

After a number of EP and demo releases and a reputation as a fearsome live band (which included show stealing performances at both last and this year’s Temples Festival), Bristol heavyweights Svalbard unleashed their debut album One Day All This Will End, a swirling mixture of hardcore, metal, crust, black metal and post-rock.

The band don’t mess about and unleash their musical intentions from the moment the album starts and smash straight into opening track ‘Perspective’ with a passionate fury. The pummelling heaviness is counterbalanced with some epic moments of almost a kind of post-rock, the atmosphere it creates elevates the track to a new plain, in fact this juxtaposition of these different styles allows the track to grow at its own pace and sounds all the better for it.

The heaviness continues throughout the album with the brutal nature of ‘Disparity’, an early high point on the album, blisteringly intense for most of the duration of the song with the vocalist passionately screaming his heart out over a furious rhythm one minute and then the music lifts and is defiantly anthemic the next. This nice mixture of sounds carries on for the duration of One Day All This Will End with added black metal and crust blasts adding an air of nastiness to the proceedings.

The next tracks, ‘Unrequited’, ‘The Vanishing Point’ and ‘The Damage Done’ are all cathartic walls of intense anger and noise spliced with enough positive post-rock soundscapes to give the overall feel of the record an uplifting nature, although it is uplifting through being shrouded in anger and hatred almost as if Integrity and Pelican started making music together in the same band.

The album ends on a positive note with ‘Lily’, an instrumental track that seems to defy the heaviness that has preceded it, ‘Lily’ is the most uplifting thing on the album and is a grand and sweeping anthem that is a great way to finish the album off.

Cathartic would be the one word that sums up One Day All This Will End, both in terms of hits sheer heaviness and also its uplifting qualities. This is music to let out all your emotions to and a fine start from one of the UK’s most promising heavy bands. Buy this album and go and see these songs played live, how they were meant to be heard and it will be a decision that you won’t regret.

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