By: Berns von Bernington

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Released on October 27, 2015 via Mind Ripper Collective

This year started off incredibly well from a release point of view, especially for grind and powerviolence. Since I got back from the U.K. mid-August I’ve been somewhat out of touch. I’ve been in and out of different styles of music, coming off a recent death metal binge and I’ve dropped straight back into some incredible grind and powerviolence by none other than Endless Swarm.

The U.K. powerviolence and grindcore scene has done nothing but impress me since 2013, with some of the best bands around currently all hailing from somewhere within the United Kingdom and they’ve done oh so well to craft a small, yet powerful scene, which is no small feat by any means.

Earlier this year I received some Endless Swarm cassettes from the good folk over at Mind Ripper Collective and they recently released the Spazzing to the Oldies tribute. Moving along swiftly, Endless Swarm have released one of my favourite releases of 2015 in the form of their Pointless Existence  7”, which also features some guest vocals by John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos/Spine. There is even a touch of Man is the Bastard, which is very subtle, but noted and appreciated.

It’s short, sweet and blends bone crushing grooves with incendiary like speed and brutality in a malformation of grinding powerviolence. It’s incredibly aggressive and blasts through you from start to abrupt finish with some phenomenal tempo changes, which gives it that variety. The vocal work is mint, with the trademark powerviolence vocal style well executed, with its own modern twist.

The formula is straight forward and the execution is flawless, once you have that sound and you make it your own, it just has that wow factor for me and Endless Swarm have done exactly that with all of their releases and most notably Pointless Existence, which is quite the experience. This being said, blink and you might miss it.

It’s rather refreshing, because it’s not just a copy of a copy of a copy, which tends to happen quite a bit these days. It’s original and fresh and I am definitely getting my hands on a physical copy as soon as possible. I would highly recommend this to any who is familiar with powerviolence and grindcore, treat yourself!

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