By: Lance Turner

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Released on September 11, 2015 via Label Fandango/Fierce Panda

Only a 3 track ep? This leaves me skeptical as to whether Wild Cat Strike has succumb to an internal pressure of wanting to release something as soon as possible or if this was is the breadth of their artistic production as their last release was in June, 2013. Although quality, not quantity, appears to be the clear goal here. In examining I Want To Be The White That Sleeps Inside Your Bones (IWTBTWTSIYB) there is an obvious departure from earlier labor pains. Prior energies resulted in more of a full frontal ideology concerning both instrumentation and vocals. Whereas, IWTBTWTSIYB obeys more of a Post-Rock dynamic in following an obvious loud/quiet dynamic. With longer more drawn out instrumental measures, and songs clocking in 7 to 8 minutes of your time.

Wild Cat Strike are self-described as Alternative Rock but I feel this to be the furthest from the truth. I am an American born 70’s baby and Alternative has become such a cliché term in my book. Most often assigned to wannabe rock, but most identifiably radio friendly pop bands. This definition is severely vague and unflattering according to the music they yield. I am sure those listening can hear a full host of different styles. They seem to be hell bent on following a code of contrast and drama. With guitars that can come off sweet and calming but suddenly erupt into harsh walls of discord, bass that can be heard as Funk or old school Rhythm & Blues then breaking down into a guttural tone which can be felt in your marrow, and distinctly understated drum fills which later play out an epic tragedy all their own. My stateside brethren may not be accustomed to the English vocal inflection, laced with a mild whine akin to heartfelt folk. But they are sure to hear the visceral nature that is both emotive and abrasive at the same time.

With their latest release Wild Cat Strike display a mastery of angst in this altogether turbulent as well as soft spoken EP. Lyrically it makes you think, but not too hard. There are sentiments of longing, desire, regret, ardent devotion, love, and hope. Albeit short, a bold effort that should appeal to a wide array of audiences. Most notably Post Rock and Melodic Hardcore. How’s that for contrast?

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