By: Kara Chavez

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Released on July 4, 2015 via Independent

Death Motif are Austin’s local technical death metal heroes and this is their debut 3 song EP, The Water. They are sure to impress with their instrument skills – guitars, bass, drums are all very solid and very good. I have seen them several times around town and I am always in awe when they play – especially the guitars. There is an insane amount of technicality and professionalism when playing.

The EP starts off in full force. Grimy vocals compliment the metal sound and the hard hitting drums. There are technical breakdowns throughout the song with the forefront of drums and impressive guitar musicianship.

Each song is a bit different. The first is powerful and fast, the second, ‘His and Hers’, is more melodic, but still fast, and the final, ‘Slow Dance’, starts you off slower than any of the others. I appreciate that they are not so similar and they get you really excited for a full-length which should be coming in the near future. But ‘Slow Dance’ is definitely my favorite. After the slow start with the bass is the forefront of the emotion that it brings you, it goes into a breakdown-like beat, with high pitched guitars and lots of loud, powerful vocals. But Death Motif takes it into the regular fast, technical metal towards the end of the song, to really round out the EP. Guitar solo like no other, bringing it back pretty old school. It breaks down and continues to go back to the slower, bass heavy sound.

They have been playing shows with Primitive Man and have an upcoming show with Today Is The Day and Abigail Williams. If you are into technical, slightly blackened death metal, or into seeing amazing musicians, I would advise you to check out their EP and their upcoming full length, and of course, live.

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