By: Berns von Bernington

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Released on July 24, 2015 via Hell's Headbangers

Anyone who is familiar with the extreme music scene down under has a good understanding of what a wide variety of awesome music and different soundscapes the Aussie scene has to offer. It has been years since their last release, Nailed, but finally the black/death masters, Destruktor, are back with their second full-length titled Opprobrium and hell’s horse, have they managed to craft something with the fury of all hell!

I was fortunate enough to see them terrorise a crowd last year down in Melbourne in a small pub and it was exceptional music showmanship and ripping tunes all round. They’ve managed to channel that hatred, energy and all its malice into this new record that will melt your face off.

It has a very eerie intro that will send chills down your spine with the opening track, which seems like a bit of a seance at first to get all that hatred channelled. It speeds up and before you know it you’re ready to wreck the first person who comes through the door. The uncanny vocal style and speed that has become somewhat of a hallmark to their sound is unmistakably unsettling. Well, that being said, you probably knew what you were in for based on the album art, hell, I would have picked this up just because of that.

Aussie black/death metal with thrash metal-like precision right up your clacker! It really does it for me, throughout the record there are some incredible riffs, and even after the first handful of listens, it all blurred into one awesome mess. Once you’re properly settled you can start to unpack each track for what it is and they’re all masterpieces in their own right. The kind of band you’d only find on a label such as Hell’s Headbangers and yet again they never seem to vary from the tried and trusted formula when it comes to signing bands of Destruktor’s caliber.

This record has solidified their assault on extreme music and the crushing music just solidifies that ten-fold! The tyrants are back and better than ever! I would highly recommend anyone interested in black/death metal to get their grubby paws on this release, it’s an absolute gem!

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