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Raw Power 2015 happened! It was documented that I was the drunkest person at the festival, which is very embarrassing and also makes this review pretty pointless but I’ll do my best. I have to say that musically, this was the best festival I have ever attended, it was like a firehose on full blast chucking out new musical directions and smashing away boundaries like it ain’t no thang, an incredible experience from start to finish. Nice one to Anthony and the rest of the Baba Yaga team, I hope you invite me back next year, I’ll behave (ish). Also apologies to Luminous Bodies, Gnod and Gallon Drunk – I could not go on the Friday but I heard you all fucking nailed it from reliable sources.

Pigsx7-5Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

This was the first London show outside of the Brixton Windmill for this Newcastle based five piece so playing the Dome was quite a step up in terms of capacity. However, they confidently took to the stage and blew away 400 odd people like they do it every fucking day. They could have headlined! There was a technical hiccup with a guitar amp at the beginning but that’s obligatory at a Pigs gig, they fanny about with gear, recover and smash it harder than they’ve smashed before whilst we all smile and pump our fists. The front man, Matt Baty ended up shirtless on a pile of speakers screaming ‘I AM THE DEMONNNNNNNNNNN’ – EPIC!


Extremely rare live outing for these spaced out noise rockers. They were POWERFUL, pumping out riff after riff whilst their non-flinching front man stood there all focussed, intense and a bit scary. Everything about it was brilliant.

Good Throb-7Good Throb

The booking of bands like Good Throb confirms Raw Power isn’t all about playing the same riff over and over again until the audience blacks out, you just have to be good and a bit weird. They were forced into a brutal delay due to a technical fuck up but were so much fun. Really odd punk songs that make you dance like a twat.

Sex Swing-2Sex Swing

I saw these for the first time at Desertfest just a few weeks ago and I thought they were fantastic, that set was at 1pm and I think they played slow to cushion the hangovers. Here they were playing gone 9pm and it was a very different experience. Faster, harder and I think they are one of the most exciting bands in the country. Crazy sax all over place, get on it!


Pharoah Overlord

Fucking hell, Circle without the baffling wardrobe and no crazy operatic frontman but I think he was knocking around the back doing extra drum things. It was cosmically stunning, all kinds of riffs and rhythms bouncing around the Dome whilst we all stood there wondering what the fuck was going on. Towards the end they locked into a formation, like when the Power Rangers summon those massive machines and fight a monster… it was just like that but with guitars.


You don’t get the reputation for being the world’s greatest jam band for nothing.  COLOSSAL! Their drummer is an absolute hurricane, like the terminator accidently took shrooms by accident and decided to play drums until they wore off.

Blown Out

Blown Out picked up where Earthless left off, a three piece doing instrumental spacey jams. They sound like Earthless with a hangover in fact, or was my brain broken? This blistering act have only been around about a year but hurled out addictive jams like they’ve been doing it for decades. Magical!

Hey Colossus-3Hey Colossus

Noise rock bands, never break up! Even if you live 100s of miles from each other, why not stay together and do something different with every album? Maybe then one day you’ll be half as good as Hey Colossus. We all lost our shit during ‘Hot Grave’, this band are the absolute tits.

Makoto Kawabata & KK Null

These legendary Japanese musicians stood there making harsh noise for the first few minutes and my poor brain could not handle it so I ran away crying like a five year old girl. I then found out it got all good after I left, fuck sake.

Black Bombaim-5Black Bombaim

Another 3 piece instrumental jam band with wonderful little pockets of originality, almost funky in some places. They churned out some amazing fucking jams and we all cheered until our throats were sore, I don’t know what else to say really.

Cosmic Dead-14Cosmic Dead

I think these four Scottish chaps get together before a gig and form a plan, something along the lines of “Let’s neck some Buckfast and see what happens yeah?”

Cosmic Dead are not your regular jam band, it’s unpredictable and real fun to watch. I THINK one of them may have crowd surfed with a cymbal stand but I was smashed and can barely remember.


It takes a special type of band to be the headliner of an event of this magnitude and HOLY FUCKING FUCK did they pull it off?!??!! Everything about it was the most amazing thing ever, Makoto Kawabata came out and joined their Power Rangers formation thing which made me cry. Some people are calling them the greatest live band on the planet, but I think they are much better than that.


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