By: Martyn Coppack

Wired Mind: facebook bandcamp 

Released on March 13, 2015 via Self Released

There’s a point, about seven minutes into this four track album, that your mind may very well just leave your body and render you completely fucked up by the pure out there-ness of what is happening. And that is without drugs. This is what Wired Mind do very well on this album, they play with your mind and fuck it up, so good psych? Yes, in a lot of places. In the rest it’s rather derivative.

Let’s not take anything away from this band though and it takes a brave soul to really push outwards with their music at such an early moment of the album. It’s almost as if the spirit of Jim Morrison has sneaked in and is leading you on a merry dance with his Indian pals. It’s amazing, if we’re being honest.

Elsewhere the music is like a sub-par Black Bombaim although if you are reaching for that greatness then you better be good. Riff after riff fills the space as the drums beat out a metronomic beat before the vocals waver between classic blues and full on space rock. ‘Jennifer’s Dream Of A Switchblade’ is a great example of this as it parades its heavy psych scars on its sleeve but never quite takes off.

‘Wired Dream’ is a bit more measured and features some rather fine, glistening guitar playing. Echoing around your mind, it hits all the requisite psych spots and treats you to a break from the heavy riffs of the prior song. As the vocals drift on you slip into a comfortable numb state and await the epiphany. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite get there and after ten minutes the song sort of drifts away.

Wired Mind certainly have a knack of hitting the right psych spots but in between they tend to get dragged down by too much of the same. It’s a shame as there is a brilliant band waiting to burst out here and maybe live these songs can take on a different feeling. Maybe it’s because of that singularly fucked up moment on the first track that puts a dampener on the rest of the album. They remain ones to watch as mindstate:dreamscape has enough going to warrant it.

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