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Released on June 9, 2015 via Aqualamb Records

On June 9th Aqualamb Records will release the self-titled début album by The Space Merchants. A self-proclaimed “country band traveling through space,” The Space Merchants drive, jangle, and twang their way through sweet, haunting jams, as majestic as they are minimal. Theirs is a lo-fi psych experience, befitting of interstellar exploration as well as lonely highway trucking.

Naming The Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, and Bobbie Gentry as musical inspirations, and mining the realms of science fiction, religion and myth in their lyrics, the co-ed Brooklyn band marries backporch Americana with brain-blowing transcendence, a juxtaposition they themselves sum up as “like Johnny Cash explaining current theories in astrophysics.”

Martyn Coppack recently reviewed the album for Echoes and Dust and he described it as “something a little different amongst all that purports to be psychedelic these days… Most definitely psych, it also has enough charm to appeal to a wider audience and this may very well be the key to why, when The Space Merchants are truly flying, that there music sounds so timeless and fun. Hitch a ride with these merchants, they’ll look after you and take you on a hell of a terrific trip.”

We now proudly present the exclusive première of another track from the self-titled album called ‘Evil Itch’:

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