Below The Sun joined forces in a forest in their home town to perform at an intimate festival, where they created a one off funeral doom piece, which ignited something in the members which set them off on a much longer creative path together. With influences and inspirations – musical and otherwise – so diverse that they’re near impossible to pigeonhole, Below The Sun return time and time again to what they consider to the canvas for their creation: sludge. And from there they build layer upon layer of the diversity that influences and informs them musically; there are clear overtones of black metal in the bleak soundscapes and swirling, atmospheric metal.

The band hail from little known Krasnoyarsk, deep in Russia’s vast and evocative landscapes, and the music created somehow suits its geographical surroundings perfectly. With plans to tour first in their home country, and then later throughout Europe, Below The Sun have big plans for 2015.

The Siberian five piece will release their six-track album Envoy via Temple of Torturous Records, which has its roots in sludge and funeral doom, but with progressive aspects very much reaching upwards to an ethereal, otherworldly plane. The album received finishing touches courtesy of mastering engineer, Mell Dettmer, who counts Sunn o))), Fyrnask and Earth among her previous clients.

Keith Joshua Ham recently reviewed the album and said: “Below The Sun is, no doubt, one of the first fantastic oddities of the year. Whereas some, if not all, extreme metal genres have some subtle reasoning – sometimes beauty – in the emotions that drive them – Below The Sun is a shroud of complete and utter despair and ugliness wrapped in beauty.”

Envoy will be released on February 24th, 2015 via Temple of Torturous Records.

For now enjoy this exclusive promo video of ‘Alone’.

Envoy is now available for pre-order through the Temple of Torturous Records shop here.

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