By: Mark McConville

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Released on November 3, 2014 via Bandcamp

Dave McPherson has become a pioneer of music that certainly turns the emotional gears. His work has covered all across the spectrum and has made him a true figure in the independent scene. With his band InMe, he’s created some of the most blood infusing songs of the last decade. Songs that resonate and empower, songs that swing from the heart valves. As a solo artist, he has blended acoustic melody with thought provoking lyrics, his subtlety truly engrossing.

The man with the acoustic guitar and serene voice has created yet another project. This project has been named Journal Of A Journey Buoy and it’s beautifully lined with a smoothness. The Essex boy never dilutes his sound or bloats it, he refines it, keeping it from the vultures that carry the mainstream, commercialised baton.

The record commences with If Only You Knew. A song with those trademark lyrics strolling through it like two lovers embarking on travelling to the inner core of paradise to sort out their peeling lust. The guitar is played with ease and confidence. ‘Memories Become Enemies’ sounds fresh and wonderful. McPherson sings about being comfortable in his own skin, striking chords, enforcing a chorus that is majestic. He seems to hurt, hurt so much on this song. The acoustic guitar drives home an infectious sound. ‘Making Sense Of Senseless’ is a track that delivers lyrically and musically. McPherson strums along to his broken heart, focusing on love again, love that is slowly cascading like a game of dominoes.

‘Mongrels Of The Roads’ is a song that pinpoints McPherson’s skill on the acoustic guitar. He plays it with grace and gratitude. The lyrics strike again and they soar like a shooting star, blasting away at the cobwebs, offering something new. He sings with that angelic voice, marching upon the sidelines of a scenic slope, not falling down but embracing the height.

Journal Of A Journey Buoy is a fantastic acoustic record. It will pull at the heartstrings with a solid grip.

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