There’s no better proof of a coincidence than being in front of the Andalusian sea, putting on some random music, then looking up the track name and finding that it’s titled ‘Reveries’. Or rather, there is no better proof of lack of a coincidence! ‘Reveries’ is the outstanding track from the album Reveries released by the musician Solarein.

So first, a few words about the label.  Bleeding Light Records is something more than a label: it’s a place meant to release meaningful art – music, of course, but also literature, painting, photography, etc. -  for the sole purpose of aiding artists.  In all honesty, I recommend you to check it out.

Solarein is a brand new project name to my wide database of tracked artists, but after a few consecutive listens it quickly took a good place in my playlist.  Solarein is the dream project of electronic producer Vru Patel, from Boston, Massachusetts. Vru Patel ‘s music came on the electronic/shoegaze scene in 2010, when he released the Demo I-VI EP. Reveries is the first full length album of the artist and it has some of that gorgeous electronic music that I have been craving for.

The 10 movements of Reveries come from the labyrinth of sounds of the previous works adding to them beautifully woven melodies. The album is full of experimental sounds and chilled out vibes. This is the sort of album you need to sit back, relax and let it the music flow. Each track will take you on an experimental journey with various sounds flowing in and out and I appreciate the intelligent design behind each and every tune.

The first time I listened to the title track what caught my attention was the aura of calm taking over after the beats wipe through Vru’s vocals, in the form of exotic bird chirps. ‘Reveries’ has a different mood compared to the other tracks. If the overall album mood is joyful this song has a laid back ambient feel that is more intimate that leads you to lay down while feel like you are being taken on a sonic and intergalactic journey at the same time. I like it’s minimal start where the beats are suspended in a space where Vru’s vocal resonate from everywhere but they are like an instrument and therefore I consider this one an instrumental track. ‘Reveries’ is intimate and hypnotic.

The album opens with the experimental ‘Oceans I’ that works as intro to the journey through the whole collection of sounds. In a bit more than two minutes this tune has in it a wide range of spacey sounds backed with some industrial drum beats. From the following ‘Forty Thousand’ each track is quite chilled out giving off a relaxed vibe while also having a pile of activity throughout.

The strength of Solarein’s music is its fluidity. Although Vru adds several beats, his music persistently maintains a nice and melodic flow. Listening to 'Rain' is the aural equivalent of exploring a new art museum. The vocals that slowly prevail over the rain sound are charming and the track is a soft, dreaming pause. The album then continue on the same path of the previous tracks creating a lively rhythm, joyful and colorful atmospheres that can easily be the soundtrack to your cycling along the river side under a bright sun or to your nights spent lying on a carpet enjoying music in complete darkness. I have to admit though that my favorite moments are those when Solarein's music becomes deeper so I feel it closer to me.

The amazing waves of 'Ocean I' are back with 'Ocean II' like in a perfect circle and the whole composition is like if the multitude of vibes we listened from the beginning are an explosion of a main sound that works as the incipit of everything.

The journey through Reveries ends with 'The Warning' that has wonderful upbeats and energetic build ups and it's an example of how Solarein's music is layered as it happens in the best electronic music genre. It's a power track and a great way to close this episode of Solarein's music world. 

Listening to Reveries is a pleasant and enjoyable experience; the album execution is brilliant, the drums are lively, the melodies are in focus and memorable. I listened to this record several times before writing about it and each time I found new details. Do the same and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. 

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