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The last 2 or 3 years has been pretty exciting with regards to the extreme music scene within South Africa. In relation to most countries we have a pretty small and very scattered scene down at the foot of Africa. This is slowly changing and the scene is going from strength to strength, especially in the genre of hardcore punk and bands that are deeply rooted within this genre.

Johannesburg has had its moments with a few hardcore bands in recent years and has earned itself the nickname “Hate City”. Furthermore, Durban is yet another city that has delivered some pretty extreme music acts in the past. Now, for those of you at all familiar with South Africa geography, you’d immediately ask yourself "But what about Cape Town?" And I fully agree, what about Cape Town?



Well, it has taken a few lads from all over South Africa to settle in Cape Town, along with a Cape Town local boy to finally set the scene alight down in the Mother City. Cape Town based 4-piece hardcore act Peasant have just released their first EP titled Dead Hand and it is like nothing you’ve heard before.

Forming in 2013 and finalizing the line-up around June of that year, they’ve come a long way with regards to putting together something truly special. It’s hardcore, sure it is hardcore, but it’s so much more than just hardcore. If I had to describe the sound, I would definitely say that it is deeply rooted in hardcore, but there are definitely some eerie sludge elements in the mix. It’s a lot slower and a lot heavier on the metal side of things than the other hardcore acts across the country.

Dead Hand is packed with an eerie, gloomy atmosphere that will send chills down your spine throughout the length of the EP. It starts of with a rather timid 'Prelude' before dropping you so deep into the abyss; you won’t know what hit you. Before you get too comfortable 'Ender' rips into you with some awesome vocal work as you’re left in awe and full submerged in the sludgy goodness before it speeds up to add that variety, before almost grinding to a halt completely. The sludge elements are very evident and some are the hardcore elements, combined perfectly to form a culmination that is second to none in the current landscape within our local scene. Congratulations you’ve survived a third of this incredible EP.

I’ll try not to give away too much, but the rest of the EP goes about its business in exactly the same way as it crushes you into oblivion. I can only imagine what it would be like live. Whilst listening to the EP I could only describe it as being crushed by a tank. Imagine standing in a street and having a panzer mow you down. That’s basically Peasant’s sound and it is embodied in 6 killer tracks on their Dead Hand EP.

I would highly recommend Peasant’s Dead Hand to those of you who are into Nails, Full of Hell and Swinelord. Excellent release and hopefully there is many more to come from the lads from the Mother City.


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