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I recently reviewed Tellusian’s 7” EP Scania, which left me very impressed and ready to hear their full-length release Collision. First a brief recap. Tellusian is a Swedish band and they are based in the city of Malmö. The band consists of Erik on drums, Henrik on vocals, Robert on bass and John on guitar. The two tracks on Scania impressed me as this band doesn’t play just straight forward heavy sludge metal, they actually incorporate a lot of grind elements, making their sound very interesting and captivating.

Collision has now been released and continues nicely where the Scania EP finished, with 10 tracks full of blistering sludge metal. The grindcore elements are still there, with furious blast beats slapping you around the face, but there is also an extra layer of progressiveness on Collision. Combined with the heavy riffing these guys are onto a complete winner here as far as I am concerned.



The 10 tracks on offer here are some of the most dynamic pieces of music I’ve heard from a relatively unknown band. There are so many smaller bands out there that manage to reach a very high level and standard with their music and people really need to hear these bands. Tellusian is one such band. For a 4-piece, with actually only one guitarist, this band displays a high level of technicality and the tempos changes continuously throughout.

But as said, what adds to Collision compared to the Scania EP is the progressive metal sound. Listen to the short but forceful opening track 'Rivalry', or the bass line in ‘Terminal’, or the progressive start of the final minute of the title track ‘Collision’ before the album finishes in some amazing chaotic sludge frenzy. It is really well-done and performed in superior quality. Listen to this record and you’ll soon find yourself singing along to the catchy melodic chorus in ‘Idiotens Dilemma’. And if you’re interested in a good piece of air drumming then you can prepare yourself to an intense listening session as your arms and legs won’t stop spastically swinging all over the place. At least that’s what happened to me!

All in all, this is a very technical band, with an amazing display in riffage and they deserve to be taken on par with the likes of Mastodon.

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