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Australian band Jupiter Zeus promise psychedelic space rock on this new release On Earth, their follow up to debut EP Green Mosquito and whilst we may not, in reality, get this, they do serve up an almighty slab of alternative rock. Giant walls of sound crash out of the speakers as they build up to epic songs which feel at times, like the earth moving.

'Waves' is a perfect demonstration of this sound with its foreboding opener giving away to a harmonious delivery not dissimilar to Soundgarden. There's a much more closer appreciation to smoothing out the jaggedness here though and the song glides along with its fantastic production values.



And this is where the band maybe could have slipped up but instead they consistently deliver throughout the album an increasing urge to envelope your senses in music. OK, it's not real psych rock but you can see where they are coming from at times.

'Over' and 'Cosmic Rays' continue this quest for epicness but it's not until 'Psychotic Seeds' that we see another side to the band. On this, the best song on the album, they deliver a much rawer sound which stands out against the lush wall of guitars. It's a welcome break in an album which so easily could have slipped into maudlin territory.

Jupiter Zeus will be huge on the continent. This sort of music always is and they may even do well in the US. Whether us here at the UK take to it is another thing altogether. Their music has a peculiar 1990's feel which is inescapable and yet a shame as there is great stuff on here. Take this album at face value and you have a gigantic rock album and at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with that at all. God knows we need a decent rock band at the moment.


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