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“Hello guys, we're Echoes and Signals, an instrumental prog, post-rock band from Russia. Since you have such cool website name you should review one of our albums”.

Yes, a band with such a cool name deserves to be reviewed by Ech(((o)))es and Dust but, above all, a band that produces such good music deserves our attention.

Echoes and Signals is an instrumental trio from Tula, Russian Federation, that started making music quite recently – their first EP, Comma, was released in July 2012 – but it's gaining a good position in the instrumental music scene.

Fedor Kivokurtsev, Alexey Zaytsev and Yaroslav Egorov, define their music a “mix progressive rock with post-everything” and this is the key to read their music when you approach it.

I have to admit that I didn't know them before reading that nice email and so I started diving into their music world, from the last release back to their first EP. I did it again and for sure post-everything is a proper tag.

They are post-rock, yes, but they are also post-metal. Listen to them again and you'll find that they are also math rock and prog rock. Put simply, they reproduce, they create, they invent and they discover;  and they mix all these elements together to deliver a particular and distinctive sound.

The preceding EP Comma shows that their first full length album, titled Ouroboros, marks an evolution of their style. If the first EP is a mix of prog and post-rock, the new album has in it also math and jazzy influences that are fascinating.

Ouroboros opens with the short and sweet jazz dominated 'Circulation' that was the first song I ever heard by Echoes and Signals and I was immediately entranced. The guitar riffs weaving in and out give the song a feeling of importance and magnitude.

From there, we move to the superb title track venture where the mix of genres that the Russian band likes so much plays the key role. Jazz and math rock combined together at the beginning and followed by a pursuing post-rocky rhythm is what happens in less than the first half of the song. 'Ouroboros' continues this way and, in turn, the drums and bass sound holds the songs together perfectly.

The melody and the math-rock sound toward the half of 'Moons, Seas, Constellations' are really good and going through the song you'll love the peak achieved by the post rocky sound that gives intensity to the overall track. The three man team really do put together an excellent show and this track, with its constant cycling, represents the synthesis of the whole album.

The last two tracks are really mind-blowing: 'Equinox (Part One)' and 'Equinox (Part Two)' are both very powerful, they follow the same path of the previous songs and confirm the attitude of these guys to continuously experiment. 'Equinox (Part One)' builds immediately into a magnificently gutsy riff and has also some funky elements in it.

'Equinox (Part Two)' is completely insane, jumping from calm swaying music to the epic blur of a thundering symphony. Somewhere it makes me think of Russian Circles, other times it reminds me the best prog rock I know. It's less pretty than 'Equinox (Part One)' but the way this track builds up and it mixes post rock, post metal and doom sound is a work of art. Everything is perfectly balanced and the vibrating atmosphere is addictive.

The diversity of the five tracks that compose Ouroboros is impeccable and the way the album spirals with total control is brilliant.

The ride through Ourobos ends here when our appetite for Echoes and Signal's music is at its peak. Whatever Echoes and Signals decides to do next, I think we should keep an eye on them.

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