The Cosmic Dead

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Released February 20th, 2014 via

Sound of Cobra 

Space Rock and The Cosmic Dead go hand in hand.

Listening to the The Cosmic Dead‘s new 12″ release, EasterFaust, you’ll understand why I’m so convinced about that. When I claimed this album to review Sander van den Driesche told me “you picked some cosmic goodness for reviewing”. As usual he was right because this album is really a cosmic goodness.

For those of you that still don’t know who I’m talking about, The Cosmic Dead is an heavy, psych, kraut and space rock quartet from Glasgow, Scotland, a city where music is everywhere and these guys are doing seriously good things in that music scene. Omar Aborida, Lewis Cook, Julian Dicken and James T. McKay have been exploring the outer reaches of kraut rock, doom and psychedelia since 2010 and if you look at their discography you’ll notice that they have been very active in both releasing a multitude of albums across several formats including vinyl, cassette, CD and digital and in spreading their amazing music throughout all Europe. Defining themselves as the “Scotland's foremost Hawkwind tribute band”, The Cosmic Dead deliver one of the most mind-bending, trance-inducing and flat-out immersive experiences available for your ears and brain.

EasterFaust is composed of only two tracks: ‘EasterFaust Part 1’ and ‘EasterFaust Part 2’. Very easy track titles, yes, as it’s very very easy getting lost into them.

The 22 minutes of ‘EasterFaust Part 1’ are incredible and from the very start you’ll experience the sonic bliss of this album. The first track is like a long ride across the waves of psychedelic and space rock. It’s a sort of flowing orgasm of sounds where drums go off on their own, the guitars grind and blast, and the vocals appear just like an additional instrument. These guys from Scotland are experimental and diverse, they are brilliant.


‘EasterFaust Part 2’ is a track filled with distorted guitars, stratospheric riffs and freeform sound with an hallucinatory stamp on it. A video game would be quieter and, if you are in the mood for a great ride, this album is for sure what you need. At about the sixth minute the sound is so hypnotic that you’ll be completely in the grip of its rhythm that is experimental but never inaccessible, dense as hell but never dumb. Like a song within a song, at the 12th minute the rhythm is completely different and I think that’s the peak of the album. It’s a racing video game that will lead you in a loop.

EasterFaust is one hell of a trip and certainly it’s one of the finest heavy psychedelic album produced in the last few years. Somewhere, referring to the this album, I read “Tune in, turn on, get burned!”….totally agreed!

EasterFaust will be released next 20th of February and it will come out in a limited edition of 400 copies on a 180 gr. marble colored vinyl via Sound of Cobra Records. I’ll grab my copy!

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