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Tellusian are a Swedish sludge metal band mixing in plenty of grind elements making their music slightly different from the vast amount of sludge metal bands out there at the moment. This four piece comes from Malmö and what is it with Scandinavian countries and heavy music these days? It almost seems like every other promo I get sent is from Norway, Sweden or Finland! Not that this is a bad thing obviously as they certainly are a very talented bunch of people up there!

Tellusian have been on the scene for a few years now, having released a couple of 7” releases and this Scania 7” is their latest one, giving us a taster of what is to be released later this year with their planned full length release Collision.


So, here we’re dealing with 2 blistering tracks, ‘Karnival’ and ‘Eight Years of Rest’, both just over 3 minutes in length. This 7” is pretty much the real thing, it is fucking awesome! Heavy chugging sludge riffs, deep growling vocals and a whole range of various pounding drum rhythms are presented to you here. There are indeed grind elements added to the mix, for example after the brief intro in the first track ‘Karnival’. Furious blast beats are interchanged with slower almost Mastodon-like instrumental bits and a huge pile of heavy riffing.

Second track ‘Eight Years of Rest’ continues this technical heavy riffing and shredding showcase. The combination of those blast beats and heavy chugging guitars is brilliant and I can imagine that this band would be devastating live, probably destroying everybody present, similarly to how Coilguns slays the audience during their violent displays.

This is not just sludge or grind, this is metal of the top shelf of superior quality and this 7” is making me extremely excited for the release of Collision. I can’t fucking wait.

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