Henry Blacker

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Out on January 20th through

Riot Season

Urgh… has everyone recovered from the frankly ridiculous year of next level rock music that was 2013? Me either, however things don’t seem to be slowing down in 2014 as West Country rockers Henry Blacker are proving. This rugged little rock band is comprised of Joe and Tim from the more than legendary Hey Colossus (and Tim’s brother) and their debut album Hungry Dogs will Eat Dirty Puddings is coming out on Riot Season, whose owner Andy should be given a knighthood for what he’s done for boundary pushing underground rock music. The label boasts releases from Todd, Shit and Shine, Bad Guys, Mainliner, Art Burning Water etc… wow! Anyway, are Henry Blacker another mind bending string to the Riot Season bow? Yes of course they are.

You know that track ‘Hot Grave’ with the clean vocals on the Hey Colossus record last year? What do you mean no? Go listen to it at once you fool, it was my song of the year! Well, I am delighted to tell you that was actually Tim who’s on vocal duties for these guys and we’re treated to his rather quirky growls throughout entire album. Genuinely one of the most unique voices you’ll hear and during first track ‘Crab House’ there is a wonderful patch where the riffs take mini breaks for him to rant something but one time it’s like he can’t think of anything and has a panic attack… fucking class! The track also boasts a ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding garage rock sound that you would have to be a complete moron not to adore.



‘Pullin like a Dray’ is an absolute gem of a number, such a groovy little sound that just makes you want to boogie. It would not sound out of place on one of Josh Homme’s Desert Sessions and if you put it on in a house party full of people who don’t like underground rock music they would not go frown and tell you to turn it off. It’s accessible but in a good way and more importantly a massive pile of fucking fun.

Hungry Dogs will Eat Dirty Puddings consistently delivers on catchy little numbers. I’m not sure how on earth they have made something so sludgy yet so groove and downright entertaining. We’re consistently smacked around the chops with little diamonds such as ‘Scumblood’ which makes you grin but has a dark edge with sinister lyrics. It certainly has the potential to be a crowd pleaser and can see it appealing to a huge range or rock fans from across the spectrum. Whether you’re into Queens of the Stone Age, The Melvins, The Jesus Lizard of Future of the Left you are going to love getting down and dirty with these guys. They are a quirky, sludgy, growly little rock band who don’t sound like anyone else for Christ sake, of course you are going to love it.

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