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Have you ever thought, sometimes, that instrumental rock music is a bit like sex? No?

Well. Let’s see.

You can have it hard and fast and sweaty (And So I Watch You From Afar).

You can concentrate on amazing skill and technique (Brontide).

There’s your Tantric, where it lasts for hours and you’re never quite sure when it’s over (GS!YBE).

There’s that weird stuff with the odd rhythms and sudden changes of position. Handcuffs too, I shouldn’t wonder (hello, Alright The Captain).

And then there’s ‘post-rock’, the predictable session with a long-term partner. When everything follows a familiar formula, usually perfectly pleasant, occasionally a bit dull. But sometimes it all goes miraculously right, and it’s awesome, and it’s glorious and you’re left shattered and gasping, and probably fighting over the wet patch.

Ladies and gentlemen – Doomina.

First, the bio stuff... Doomina are from Austria, and have been around, in one form or another, since 2006. They’ve released a few records, the older ones angrier and rawer than Beauty and its recent predecessor, Elsewhere.

Back to the sexy stuff.

There are four songs on Beauty, all around the post-rock standard 10 minutes in length. There’s little point in examining each one minutely, as they all stick pretty much to the standard formula. (I don’t intend any insult by that, incidentally. Quite the reverse. It’s like the same fantastic sex four times, but in four different beds.) So, let’s pick one.

This one.

‘Gizmo’ starts oh, so sweetly. One guitar gently strummed, the other picking out the simplest little melody. A minute in, and the bass and drums join in with the foreplay. Subtle. Teasing. God, this feels nice. This is going to be spectacular.

Almost unnoticeably, the song grows and swells, building up and up to the inevitable climax. You just know it’s coming. Wait, wait, here it comes...hang on to your hat....OH, YESSSSS....Drums and bass are pounding now, guitars howling, sparkling droplets of piano are scattered like sweat and there are fireworks and waves crashing on a beach and then...and then...

Relax. Catch your breath for a minute. It’s not over yet, oh no.

It doesn’t take long to build up again to another thunderous screaming climax which seems to go on and on and on... And then it’s done.

That was...fucking GLORIOUS.

Please, pass the tissues....


The other three songs here, ‘Beauty’ , ‘Soyuz 1’ and ‘Sigma Kappa Pi’ are all the same, but entirely different. Quiet, quiet, build, build and release. They may seem formulaic, but they are done so fantastically well that you don’t care. If you like muscular, riffy post-rock, if you are a fan of, say, Landforge or Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster, you should, you WILL like this. These songs are bursting, EXPLODING with life and joy and glory and passion. And that’s what post-rock should do.

Go and buy this. You can get it free if you want, but don’t. Doomina deserve some of your money.

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