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Released October 7th, 2013 via

Bunnysnot Records

If you are in the mood to listen to something able to blow your mind from the first note, Civil Protection has the right solution for you. Civil protection is a Yorkshire based post rock and instrumental band born in 2010 when five guys, with the shared addiction to post rock music, decided to set up their own band and started composing their own music. The path of this music brought the vocalist/guitarist Adam Fielding, the guitarists Nathan Bradley & Josh Clark, the bassist Philip Birch and the drummer Kenny to their debut and first full-length album, Stolen Fire, demands our attention.

Listening to this album, post rock fans will recognize the influence of huge instrumental bands starting from their beloved The American Dollar and Mogwai and of bands such as This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Caspian, If These Trees Could Talk and Maybeshewill . Listening carefully to the music of Civil Protection you’ll also notice that the Yorkshire band has its own style like if those huge bands have worked as muse to inspire the wonderful music that has its own unique shape in Stolen Fire.  

And the outcome is absolutely amazing. 

Civil Protection have supported a diverse selection of acts, including Glaswegian math-rock up-and-comers Vasa, and established Indie darlings The Indelicates. Their live performances are amazing and they have planned a tour across UK to support the launch of Stolen Fire.

Stolen Fire ‘s substantial element is the climaxing density that's present from the very first listens. The music of this album is beautiful post rock with a perfect blend of melodies, layered guitars and space rock, all together to create an album of a stunning beauty and ready to occupy a relevant place in the post rock music scene.

It  is a journey through nine songs that is going to blow your mind for approximately 50 minutes starting from the falling back guitars of the opening song that arrive together with the falling leaves to welcome the autumn season. The song has a crescendo before gently dissolving into a kind solo guitar track. This is ‘Strike The Match, Light The Fuse’ and there’s no better song to celebrate the Civil Protection’s debut and the arrival of the autumn.

The airy and relaxing atmospheres of the following ‘My Memories Will Be Part Of The Sky’ is on the same path of the previous song. And it’s a moving and hypnotic song.

The Alaskan breeze arrives with the third song, ‘Alaska’, where Civil Protection add some vocals that fit perfectly the space within one note and the next. So well mixed together, vocals are not extraneous but blended like an additional instrument. The track opens up with a great bass line that brings us to the Alaska's landscapes dominated by soft wind you have the impression to feel. The substantial element of ‘Alaska’ is the sense of nostalgia and for this reason the title itself is a perfect choice.



Something happens with ‘Many Moons Ago’ where there a change in the rhythm that becomes slower and soft notes are over the amazing guitar. But even this slower sound has the power to stay in our face with such force that we can't help but keep at it. The echoing vocals towards the end of the track are notable and gave more power to the sound.

'Section 47’ is a soft interlude and it’s like walking in a big empty space. At a certain point echoing beats announce that something is going to happen and that something has a great soundtrack. Heavy and hypnotic drums and movements where you forget where you are, even if just for a second, are what characterize ‘From The Parish To The Pavement’ and in general the whole album.

The penultimate track 'Monedula' is a work of art. It’s soft and sweet with a nostalgic and melancholic touch. Songs like this make you say ‘’leave me in peace world, I'm having my moment".

The album title track closes the magnificent journey of Stolen Fire. Layering of guitars and crashing cymbals steer you into an open door where echoing vocals are perfectly added while a throttling push brings into a notable crescendo. The last note is your peace.

A journey through the song of Stolen Fire, from 'Alaska', to 'Monedula' to the incredible ‘My Memories Will Be Part Of The Sky’,  Civil Protection have been able to piece together many different areas of post-rock and the complexity and attention they demonstrate to detail seem noticeable among the spectacle and range of instrumentation.

To put it simply, if there’s an album this year that exemplifies the power of the collective effort, Stolen Fire has got it.

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