Tyrants Blood

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Out now on CD and in October on vinyl through Tridroid Records

So apparently “extreme speed metal” passes as an accurate description for black/death thrash. Well, that’s what I picked up with the new Tyrants Blood record. Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary fast, but the death/black metal element is definitely inherent in the sound without a trace of the classic NWOBHM sound that serves as a large component of the speed metal sound. I am however, going to stop being an asshole, because these guys mean serious business.

That being said, it’s fast, technical and just all over the place in terms of being super abrasive and busy. The vocals give it that death metal vibe where the instruments itself is a combination of black metal blasting and technical riffs, especially the bass guitar, absolutely phenomenal. Tyrant’s Bloods' Into the Kingdom of Graves is a mash up of speed, precision, rawness and just all-round fucking evil.



The technicality of the riffs makes it catchy and very thrashy, which definitely bodes well with my taste. The instruments aren’t just played, it’s like they attack them with a mastery that is quite impressive. It’s relentless and doesn’t give you much time to catch a breath as the endless onslaught rages. The solo’s are fantastic and will probably make you feel inept as a musician, if you don’t play any instruments you might feel inept as a human being.  These lads are in the fucking dime when it comes to being tight.

The record does have an epic-ness to it, which is really a bit of a surprise if you take into account that it’s been a full-on hellfire blitz that’s hell bent on your self-destruction. By showcasing their musical skills, the lads have a track titled 'Within Outer Scars' which has amazing acoustics and flawless progressions that embodies the skill of the musicians themselves, they just happen to make awesome death/black thrash from hell. Either way, these guys fucking crush! This track does add to the variety a bit and gives you a bit of a break from obliteration, even if it is only for 2 minutes.

So if you’re into bands such as Nekromantheon, Destroyer 666, Nocturnal, Cruel Force, Impiety and Aura Noir, I would recommend you check this band out and prepare to have you brain matter all over the ceiling. This is an excellent release by Tyrants Blood.

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