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Out on September 16th through

Burning World Records

Do you like music that pulls you out of your arm chair and takes you on a ride across the desert or possibly even through space? Yes? Well I have some great news, here’s another album which is going to do just that. Monomyth are a five piece instrumental band from the Netherlands, a land that we all know has a certain herb in abundance which has no doubt helped these chaps create a splendid self-titled little record.

It kicks off with a track called ‘Vanderwaalskrachten’ which sounds like a street in Amsterdam you are lost in at 2am, hopelessly trying to find your hostel. I’m not going to look up what it means but anyway, it’s all warm and post-rock like. There are wonderful soft noises from gizmos, keyboards and guitars which make you feel quite lovely. In places it gets far more dynamic with a real space rock edge. It’s basically 11 minutes of floating through time which is sometimes chilled, sometimes exciting but thoroughly engaging from start to finish.



From there we launch in to ‘Vile Vortices’ which has a bass line to die for and Monomyth continue to drift along the dreamy line between post-rock and space rock. That’s what pretty much happens throughout the entire album really. You can hear hints of krautrock trickle in too and the classy lead guitar makes it all a bit Pink Floyd which always welcome in my book. The keyboards are great too, sounding very much like an organ at times and delivering an intermittent retro feel. When these keys played alongside the more dramatic bits the band are delivering what only can be described as next level awesome.

There isn’t a dud track on this album, all 5 lengthy numbers really deliver and keep taking you on a rather joyful little voyage. As with all good albums of this nature, the final track is the standout number if I had to pick one. Entitled ‘Huygens’ and coming in at lengthy 17 minutes it’s as gentle as can be making fluffy little krautrock noises float around your brain before a lengthy yet subtle progressive build and then morphing into a post rock listening experience which is nothing short of euphoric. If you are a fan of bands like Colour Haze, Monkey3 and latter day Ancestors then you are going to love this album. Have they quite reached the level of these 3 bands? Not quite, but it’s scary how great it is considering it’s a debut. I suspect these five Dutch places are going to take us places for many years to come.

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