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Agust 17th, 2013


Time Release Sound 

Monochromie is back! Just three months after the release of Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep, the French artist Wilson Trouvé surprises us again coloring his music with a new full-length album titled Colors In The Dark.
The music of Monochromie is tagged mainly as post-rock and ambient but I think that the tag experimental fits more his music for the way it combines minimalist piano, guitar strings and echoing notes.
I used to listen to Monochromie’s music as night music or when I'm working late. These are the moments when his sound expresses its power cause Monochromie’s music makes darkness feel alive and creates an emotional collage that’s absolutely stunning.
All Monochromie’s albums command your attention and Colors In The Dark is not different. It’s the confirmation of Wilson Trouvé’s music ability of capturing a specific atmosphere and also feeling internal.
Colors In The Dark is a collection of 11 tracks spread across 55 minutes of rare beauty, the perfect continuous of ‘Insomnia’, the closing song of the previous album Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep.
‘Brightness’ is the opener of the last Monochromie’s work and it’s really a ray of light: this song will bring the sunlight into your room and the insomnia will be just a memory, a far away memory.

'Brightness' is soft and gentle as the morning light aura and suspends the listener in the piano and guitar captivation.
The second track’s two minutes and a half starts us off nicely, with notes that resemble something almost angelic, resonating in a constant and unbroken rhythm. ‘Dust and Breath’ sounds like an incitement to breath the angel dust.
The piano work in ‘Ballade’ is breathtaking, and for the first time in the album, the melodies start growing stronger and taking a more prominent role over the tones. This song will leave you suspended, it’s like if something is going to happen, the rhythm is pursuing and intense. I’m in love with it!

‘Childhood’ is joyful, it makes me smile, it brings me to my childhood and to the park where I used to spend my afternoon running with my little friends. That’s why I found also a sort of melancholy inside this tune. The idea of the echoing voices of the children in the background of this track is awesome and the sound of the bell of the bicycles confirm the attention that Monochromie put into details. ‘Childhood’ is a work of art, a song you’ll love for its power to evoke a wide range of emotions. Exactly what happened to me!
The elegant piano mood piece ‘Love Song’ touched me. This is the only comment I can make about this song. It’s like something descending from the sky.
The quietly devastating beauty of ‘Whales’ will blow your mind, will let you swim from the abyss to the level of the sea and then floating following the natural flow of the waves.
Monochromie couldn’t find a better title for the song ‘Old times’. The echoing noise coming from the movie camera in the background gives to this song an old atmosphere. It brought me to a movie scene in a sunny day and the piano gives the rhythm to the actor movements.
The following ‘Lodz’ made me definitely happy to be here reviewing this album. Soft and powerful, this track transcends a mere listening experience by its emotional intensity and sheer beauty. It will make you feel something.
‘Constellations’, ‘Katedra’ and ‘Thorns of Roses’ conclude our journey through this beautiful album.
The last two minutes of ‘Constellation’ will leave you speechless, the unreal atmosphere of ‘Katedra’ will make you feel as though you are looking at the world from the tallest mountain, and the peace of mind of ‘Thorne and Rose’ is the best way to end an album that achieved something very grand.
Using few instruments, Monochromie has been able to maintains eclecticism between tracks, always looking for something new and going over the classic boundaries of ambient music.
At this point I have to admit that I didn't find my favorite song from this album and that I don’t think I’ve heard an album from Monochromie that didn't impress me. But I can say that Colors In the Dark is my favorite one.
Colors In the Dark will be released on August 17th trough Time Release Sound and will be available in two versions: a limited version, in an edition of 100 copies, and at the website in a beautiful digipak version, in an edition of 200 copies.
I do recommend Colors In the Dark to all music lovers.

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