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It’s time to go to Brazil folks, to discover what is going on over there!

A new band is making its name in the Brazilian post rock scene, where Labirinto already plays a great role with its instrumental sound, and its name is Catexia. Coming from Franca, a large city in the Brazilian state of São Paul, Catexia is the name under which Alexandre Luis , Carlos Gomes, Lucas Misu and Renan Ruiz independently released the EP A Voz do Brucutu .

The four members Brazilian combo brings together guitars, drums and bass to create a sound that will please those who like Labyrinto, Explosions in the Sky and Elephant Foot. The name Catexia means many things but the main idea behind the concept of cathexis is related to psychic energy that the human being concentrates to perform an action and if we link it to the energy to music than we can state that they made the right choice – Freud himself would agree!

The first thing you’ll notice about Catexia’s début album realized by the artist Gustavo Dias is the stunning artwork. A Voz do Brucutu has three instrumental tracks only- the shortest one lasts a bit more than eight minutes – offering approximately an captivating journey that will keep you nicely occupied for approximately half an hour.

‘Inferno’, the first track of the EP, serves as a kind of overture for the band’s musical identity : twelve minutes of layered and distorted guitars, drum explosions and some vocal incitements that cross the boundaries of the classic post rock. I do believe that instrumental rock is the best tag to define Catexia’s music.

The following ‘A Ressurreição’ is more or less on the same path of the opening track alternating strings with guitars, reflective passages with aggressive ones, clean tones with wet delays, everything mixed with rock audacity. This song is the core of the EP: right in the middle and also the longest of A Voz do Brucutu. Despite its length ‘A Ressurreição’ is a coherent song: all its parts flow into the next one with confidence and each provides the structure for the following one.

The closing song is called ‘Marta’ and it’s my favourite from Catexia. The melody of the opening guitars is amazing. The rhythm is soft but pursuing and there’s a particular dark vein in this song I particularly like. Listening to this song is like walking through a dark fairytale. The whole song is dominated by a sinister and beautiful magic. A stunning piece of work from Catexia .

Catexia tells a tale that emotionally captivates you and anyone who is in love with instrumental rock music will have a great time with A Voz do Brucutu.

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