The Cosmic Dead

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Out now and available through here (digital and cassette) 

Edit: Now out on vinyl from Evil Hoodoo

There are an elite bunch of musicians in this world who aren’t happy writing the usual songs we’re all used to. You know… a verse, bridge, chorus and some nice lyrics all packaged up in 5 minutes or under. For some musicians this is way too pointless and boring and instead of mainly entertaining the listener, they insist on taking them on a cosmic trip. Hailing from Glasgow, The Cosmic Dead are a member of this elite bunch and play what I like to call mind blowing space rock. They have been smashing out brain melting jams since 2010 and as they mainly record live their releases arrive thick and fast. Inner Sanctum is their latest opus which is out on LTD edition cassette, it contains a mere 4 tracks but comes in over the 70 minute mark…. Woohoo!

It kicks off with ‘Gustav Björnstrand’ a psychedelic jam chock full of rhythmic lashes with all kinds of wonderful guitar tones flying about. There are also trippy synth noises and incomprehensible retro voice samples which keep it all sounding fresh and vibrant. It puts a barrier between your brain and the real world and makes you feel like your floating away to somewhere awesome and possibly magical. If you like bands like Earthless, Carlton Melton, White Hills and Eternal Tapestry… you’re in for a right treat.



Next up we have ‘The Mass of Betelgeuse’ which has an intergalactic build up before launching into a much slower number. Bass heavy but also inviting stunning synths to come out and overlaid with a spacey guitar tone which The Cosmic Dead have hammered down into a fine art. It all gradually speeds up, then slows down and goes in all kind of indescribable directions. It goes on for a whopping 21 minutes but if you get bored I don’t want to be your friend.

The rest is much of the same but not in a bad way whatsoever. Very exciting little jams that find little corners of your brain you never knew existed and do everything from playing tricks to delicately placing you back down to earth. There’s a very exciting wave of bands playing top psychedelic music at the moment in this country… Teeth of the Sea, Mugstar, Gnod and Bong to name a few and even though The Cosmic Dead have only been around a mere 3 years are really starting to make an impact. My advice would be buy this and escape this world for an hour and a bit, the one The Cosmic Dead have created is much more fun.

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