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“You walk through a series of arches, so to speak, and then, presently, at the end of a corridor, a door opens and you see backward through time, and you feel the flow of time, and realize you are only part of a great nameless procession” – John Huston.

Twingiant’s latest release, Sin Nombre (meaning nameless in Spanish) takes the listener to a place of vacillation, waxing and waning between pounding heaviness and undulating periods of reprieve, creating a sound that is both distinctive and memorable alike. Almost as if this album is the soundtrack for living life and reflecting on it, the heaviness of the bass and the powerful, substantial vocal style of Jarrod LeBlanc cause a chain reaction of mirror images in the mind, taking hold of the listener.

Twingiant are a four-piece outfit from the Arizona desert. Formed in the spring of 2010, they came together to play, in their words, “loud-as-shit, heavy music”. They accomplish that exactly with this release. Armed with variability and an accoutrement of musical styles, Twingiant are a convection oven of intense sound, with songs that boil and seethe.



The opening track to the album ‘Pelisneros’ takes flight almost immediately, the guitars and the drums come together and transcend into a beautiful progression of sound, one that is reminiscent of Pelican. The vocals are profound and impenetrable; you’ll feel the effect of this track rapidly and almost without warning, and it’ll make you curious for more.

Musically, ‘La Haine’ is one of the most powerful songs on the record. It sounds as if all the musicians are playing and singing out deep anguish that’s been dwelling inside the stomach, ready to be purged from the system. The leads sew together the very thread of the track and couple themselves with the heartbeat sound of the drums. Together the instruments work together to prepare the listener for impact. The song explodes about halfway in and from there creates a mirage that is both menacing and groovy.

One of the most notable tracks on the album is ‘Cloaked in Black’; it creates a dark and sludgy mood instantaneously. The progression of the music pulls the ears in and entraps them in a heavy fog. If your head isn’t banging to this song than there is something terribly wrong with the way your auditory system communicates with your body. This is the kind of song you’ll not only hear, but you’ll feel it too.

Influenced by a melting pot of Melvins, Neurosis, Pelican, Clutch, Kyuss, and Black Sabbath – this album is sure to resonate with fans of many different types of metal. Twingiant are a band with addictive sound and a heavy footprint. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if these guys and their incredible musicianship took off very soon. Grab a copy of Sin Nombre today.

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