Written by Daniela Patrizi


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Released by Fluttery Records.

If you find yourself looking for some ambient/post-rock music infused with beautiful and sublime soundscapes, Monochromie has the right solution for you. Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep is the title and it’s going to be the one of the best 45-minute album you can experience.

Monochromie is the musical side of the visual artist Wilson Trouvé from Marseille who already delighted fans of this kind of music with his quiet and peaceful debut album Angels and Demons

Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep consists of nine tracks spread across 45 minutes, but you don't really know where one ends and another begins and the point is that it simply doesn't matter. Listening to this album you’ll notice a small number of sounds distributed in a space and allowed to move around in different configurations, with sharp patterns sometimes emerging from the randomness. The most prominent of these sounds is given by the single piano notes played quietly.

Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep opens with ‘A Cold Sunset’, a title that sounds strange since it puts together two opposite ideas, the sunset and the cold. I’ve always imagined the sunset as something warm! This track will introduce to your houses a new aura of celestial properties: the atmosphere in it is both tense and reserved, as if deep emotions are being forcibly held back. 

‘Broken Beauties’ is an example of pure beauty. Listening to this song you’ll feel like floating. I tried to imagine a suitable video for this music and I came up with slow-motion images of sand blowing off the tops of dunes. With this kind of visual music you’ll get the sense of shapes shifting and forms moving.

There are real sparks in ‘Ashes and Sparks’: ambient music with electronic effect that recalls sparks from the space. 

‘Birds Never Die’, with its traces of electronic percussion, has a sound that makes me feel a deep sense of inner peace and upon the initial has stuck in my mind. 

‘Silence is Anger’ is the synthesis of the deepest ambient music and the best post-rock sound. The chiming guitar rhythm creates a sort of tensionthroughout the five-minute song, but it’s a beautiful tension. It’s like you’re floating and something is going to happen, an explosion of light that will make you speechless.

Dulcis in fundo: the last three songs are the best part of the album. ‘Day And Night Of Scarecrow’ is the perfect music to listen to again and again in the night, while you are driving on an empty road. The darkness, the glassy texture of strings, guitars and keyboards, as a sort of ghost-like echo of a human presence, create an atmosphere that is a sensorial experience. This is exactly what I expect from an artist and Wilson Trouvé is a great artist. ‘Day And Night Of Scarecrow’ is of course my favorite track from Monochromie and luckily it is also the longest from Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep.

The following ‘Fireworks’ is a continuation of the previous track. Ambient music with a pursuing rhythm is the first adjective that came to my mind listening to this song and this is for sure an original approach to ambient music. 

You won’t rest with ‘Insomnia’, a vertigo of sounds that for sure will blow your mind from the first key. Press play and the music will slowly hover over the roofs of the sleepy houses, it will fall down through the chimneys into your night room and will come to you, it will be your bedtime story with no plan to leave you. The last notes are wonderful - I feel like I should tell everyone about it. 

If Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep is your first contact with Monochromie I strongly recommend you to dive into this album but don’t omit his past Angels and Demons to discover this musical world. But if you are already a fan of Wilson Trouvé I’m sure you’ll find another soundtrack to your day. 

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