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Profound Lore Records 

Here we go again. Canada brings in another blistering slab of metal, albeit black metal. Gevurah claim to uphold the true values of black metal, praises to Satan with intellectual thought into their music and lyrics. I myself am no professional on the fallen angel myself; I’d say they’re doing a good job though.

‘The Essence Unbound’ is slow lighting of the candles before the attack of blast beats and tremolo picked guitars begin to dominate your ears. The vocals are clean in a sense that you can make out the lyrics, but make no mistake, they are spitting evil. The occasional Tom G. Warrior “UGH!” is thrown in as well, much appreciated. At one point the drums lead out and you think the song is over, but it’s simply opening up for an eerie guitar passage and incantations for the damned. ‘Flesh Bounds Desecrated’ is a straight shot of evil all the way through, sometimes pushing the vocals into the background and the bass forward in the mix, making the vocals more of an instrument for atmosphere. It adds an all around evil to the song that sounds perfect.



‘The Throne of Lucifer’ stays a slower pace with a great set of guitar riffs all over the song and a steady, slow and strong beat. Occasional speeds in the drums do occur, but this song is all burning hellfire and devoting. Vocals are mixed between yells and chants (and one more UGH! for good measure). ‘Divine Ignition’ is the mass at its highest moments. A mixed-bag as far as tempos and volumes, but make no mistake, this is a dynamic ritual being performed. The last track, a cover of Malign’s ‘Entering Timeless Halls’ rounds out this Ep nicely.

A fine EP of black metal: end of story. If you like the genre you’d be a fool not to pick this up. Black metal for the black mass. May 28th through Profound Lore Records, mark your calendars. Pick up this brief sermon and enjoy.


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