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Andrew Bayer

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Washington is not only Capital Hill, is not only the White House, is not only the Washington Redskins but it is also the native city of an artist with a consolidated name in electronic music.

Andrew Bayer made a name for himself among music lovers with his experimental debut album It's Artificial, released in 2011. Nowadays he is an artist famous for his electronic beats and able to craft a widescreen and whole organic-sounding world.

The first time I heard about him was when he started remixing tracks in the Anjunadeep collection. After that I've always kept an ear out for his works. 

If It Were You, We'd Never Leave is his second album released under Anjunabeats since 2011 and it's a 16 track journey of melodic and suggestive electronica. This new album seems like a continuation of the DC native artist's debut album and confirmed his capability of creating complex and powerful rhythms and movements just using simple tools.

The whole album has a really progressive style incorporating melodic electronic, ambient music, melodic techno rhythm and the so-called glitch-hop. It seems like Bayer worked in a laboratory experimenting with all the possible mixes.

The album has a gorgeous open with 'Opening Act 2' that has the aim of announcing that something new is ready and it works like an overture to the following tracks. At this point Bayer catch the listener’s attention and 'Doomsday' bring them into his music world. This track has an introspective reverse organ loop which keeps listeners stack on it and that gradually decline into the softer following song 'It's Going To Be Fine'. And it's really gonna be fine with these rich piano chords: this track is lush and glitchy at the same time, it's the best way to free your mind and your spirit. It brings you far away from your day-by-day life into a dreaming world.

'Lose Sight' represents something different. Try to imagine what happens if you add an incredible voice to a melodic electronica track: 'Lose Sight' is the outcome and Ane Brun’ huge voice will grab your attention. Ane Brun is a singer and songwriter that made the entire world fall in love with her voice (think at the wonderful song 'Words', just to mention one).

'Lose Sight' is the proof of how well their collaboration works! You'll love it immediately, just a few seconds before that beat, that voice and the downtempo rhythm will conquer you. 

The idea itself of adding vocals is great and when you choose an hypnotic voice like this one I would say the result is successful. Ghosting Season reshaped 'Lose  Sight' creating a stunning techno/electronica version of it. The first time I listened to the original song I loved it; after that I listened to the remixed version and I loved it too. In the end I tried to find my favorite one and I said: ok, both versions are cool though! It's really a pleasure when two or more expressive forces are experimenting with music. This is what we've got for your baying ears right here as Andrew Bayer add his dreaming, melodic and sometimes visionary music together with the fragile, hypnotic and mystic voice of Ane Brun. Ghosting Season added driving beats to vast soundscapes and this final touch will bring the listeners to a visionary world. The remixed song is a triumph and you'll enjoy it a lot.

'All This Will Happen Again': it's true! Andrew Bayer never stops to surprise us. This song is extremely beautiful. It gives a pause from the constant beat of the album and soon you'll be transported into a magic and dreamy world where everything is possible and there's no space for any reasoning because the beat is too intrusive. There will be no escape: that beat will be everywhere and the only thing you can do is to move along following it.

Having successfully overtaken the listener’s expectations, Bayer follows up with the cinematic  'Gaff's Eulogy', one of my favorite track from this album. It has an inviting and captivating beat that will blow your mind and will lead you to lose yourself.

The club mix of Bayer's 'Farnsworth Court' is stunning: this track represents a journey within a journey taking from several music styles. 'Counting Down' works in the same direction: it's as emotional as  innovative, it's the place/space where the minor-tonal bass meets the major melodic chords creating a beautiful harmony.

As the title suggest 'Closing Act' is the final act and there wouldn't be a better curtain to end the Bayer's stage. This song is loaded with dream-like chords; it's a bedtime and daydreaming melody and leave us in the most peaceful dimension after a storm of emotions.

I do believe that with this album Andrew Bayer made a big step forward gaining a great position in the electronic and experimental music world.

If It Were You, We'd Never Leave is one of those albums that’ll slowly creep under your skin, becoming bigger at each listen. It's an overall great exercise of musical art. 

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