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Re-released on April 30th through

Shadow Kingdom Records

When reviewing records, I like to listen to the music before reading any of the accompanying PR or heading out on the internet to the artist’s website. I like to form my own opinions and thoughts, to draw comparisons of my own. My first run through of Ghosts of Proxima Centauri  from  Corsair  generated the following words (according to my notes): “Thin Lizzy/Simon & Garfunkel/Humble Pie”. According to the tags on their Bandcamp page list as “70's rock hard rock metal NWOBHM progressive rock rock adventure rock classic rock Charlottesville”. So that should sum up the EP for you, dear reader. You’re welcome, off you pop now.

Oh ok, I shall dive in deeper for you. But only because you asked so nicely.

Corsair are one of those rare bands that can generate an emotional response in me simply through the music alone. The harmonies of guitarists Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin are so melodic and sweet it’s like letting waves wash over your feet at the end of a long summer’s day. Just like Simon & Garfunkel’s intricate vocal harmonies are rich, intoxicating and hypnotic, so too are Corsair’s albeit with guitars. A perfect example of this is the last 2 minutes of ‘Centurion’ which is simply the most simultaneously melodic and uplifting series of notes I have ever heard. So much so, that the play count for that one track alone (according to eyeTunes) is up to 15.



Elsewhere we have the classic rock-tinged ‘Warrior Woman’ which takes the principle of 70s rock to heart with some typically bare-chested Plant-esque lyrics. In fact most of the lyrics read much like the inside of a mid-70s double album: Gods, demons, jaguars, leopards, arrow, and Caesar all feature here. (And as fan of Iron Maiden, that is certainly not a complaint or criticism from me). Closing track ‘Eyes Of The Gods’ stomps on your ears while swigging a cold beer and ‘Burnish The Blades’ features a guitar solos outro so revered by the Allman Brothers. Energetic starts lead to peaks and troughs and end with the gentlest of endings.

Now stop reading this and go and listen to this EP and don’t forget you can thank me by using the comments section below.

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